Are you running on worn out tires?


“When we cling to what’s no longer serving us, we risk losing our footing, our relevance, brand, and relationships,” ― Bernard Kelvin Clive

Yes, that Hausa Koko at Techiman was truly lit. Can’t wait to revisit the town.

Here we go. When I arrived, I asked the friendly taxi driver if he knew a good place to grab some delicious Hausa Koko. He had a big grin and said, “Oh, I know just the spot!”

So we followed his lead, and when we got to the base, you wouldn’t need any further explanation that that was the real Hausa Koko hub.

The aroma in the air was so inviting, people with calabashes, cups, and bowls lined up to be served. That alone added to the excitement. I couldn’t wait to be served with the mouthwatering Hausa Koko, as compared to the ones I take at Accra. Chale, levels dey!

It was an experience that not only satisfied my craving but also added a memorable and pleasant touch to my journey.

During my recent trip from Accra to Tamale, something quite intriguing caught my eye. Along the route, as I gazed out of the car window, I noticed a trailer, one of those long vehicles designed for transporting heavy cargo. What piqued my curiosity was that strapped to the roof of a car driving alongside us, was a brand-new spare tire for this massive trailer. You could tell it was fresh, with the labeled sticker still prominently affixed.

So, I decided to take a closer look at the other tires of the trailer to gauge their condition. As my eyes scanned the back tires, one of them indeed appeared relatively new, which led me to think that perhaps the trailer was relatively new itself.

My curiosity continued to grow, and I eagerly searched for the trailer’s registered number, hoping to glean more information about it. I strained my eyes, trying to spot the digits, but it remained unreachable.

As our vehicle gradually overtook the trailer, my keen observation paid off. I noticed that the two tires behind the front one were in stark contrast to the newer ones I had seen earlier. These tires were not just worn; they were completely smooth, devoid of any tread or roughness. It was a striking sight, ei ‘watriky me’. LOL

The stark contrast between that newer spare tire and the completely worn-out tires on the trailer left me deeply baffled. It seemed so sound to use the new spare tire to replace those worn-out ones. I even considered taking a photograph to capture the peculiar sight, but something made me hold back.

As the vehicle continued to drive alongside us, I finally caught a glimpse of its registered number. To my surprise, the number revealed that the car was not new at all; in fact, it was quite old. This discovery only deepened my confusion. Why, I wondered, would someone hold onto a new spare tire for so long without using it, while still driving with two severely worn-out tires? It was a puzzling sight, and I couldn’t help but speculate about the reasons behind this peculiar choice.

You know, that observation struck a chord with me. It made me reflect on how this situation is quite analogous to many aspects of our lives, particularly in our businesses and personal endeavors. Just like that old car with its worn-out tires, we often find ourselves relying on outdated ideas, formulas, and strategies that have well and truly outlived their usefulness.

These obsolete approaches are no longer as effective as they once were. They’re like the spare tires that we’ve kept for ages but never actually put to use. Meanwhile, there are new trends, fresh opportunities, and innovative strategies waiting to be embraced. Yet, we often cling to the familiar because these old methods might have served us well in the past.

The reality is, that times change, circumstances evolve, and what worked before might not work today. To progress and thrive, it’s essential to recognize when it’s time to let go of those worn-out ideas and strategies and to embrace the new and relevant solutions that can drive us forward. Sometimes, it’s that reluctance to change and adapt that holds us back from reaching our full potential.

This applies to various aspects of our lives – whether it’s in our business endeavors, personal lives, relationships, or even something as simple as our wardrobes. We often hold on to things that have outlived their usefulness. It could be an outdated strategy in your business, a habit in your personal life, or a cherished but well-worn item in your wardrobe.

We become attached to these old ideas, formulas, and possessions because they’ve served a purpose in the past, and we have sentimental attachments to them. However, as time passes, they lose their effectiveness or relevance. There are new and better approaches, opportunities, or items that could enrich our lives, but we’re often hesitant to embrace them.

This idea isn’t limited to one specific area; it’s a common human tendency. Nonetheless, it’s important to recognize that when we cling to what’s no longer serving us, we risk losing our footing, our relevance, and our significance in our businesses, relationships, or any other facet of life. It’s a call to reevaluate what we’re holding onto and to be open to the possibilities of growth and renewal.

Just like that large trailer, plying along the Accra-Tamale road, stubbornly clinging to that old, worn-out tire that could potentially lead to more significant damage or harm to the vehicle, we often hold on to outdated concepts in our lives and businesses. These old-fashioned ideas can, over time, hinder our growth and progress.

Yet, just as that trailer had something new on board, so did we. There are innovative ideas, fresh perspectives, and the enthusiasm of young minds ready to be harnessed in our businesses. There are untold stories, unexplored ventures, and unwritten books waiting to be embraced.

It’s never too late to make room for these new opportunities and ideas. I believe that we can harness the power of innovation and change to propel our brands and businesses to new heights. Embrace the new things coming your way and utilize them for the greater good. In this openness to new possibilities lies the key to staying relevant and thriving in a dynamic world.


Here are a few lessons for brands.

Be open to Innovation:

In today’s digital ecosystem, if businesses do not adopt to enable them to grow and thrive, they will soon fizzle out. Just as the spare tire remained unused while the old tires deteriorated, businesses should actively seek out and adopt new technologies, processes, and strategies that can improve efficiency, customer experiences, and competitiveness. An openness to change enables companies to stay ahead of the curve and respond effectively to evolving market conditions.

Adapt to Changing Circumstances:

The spare tire account reveals the importance of recognizing when circumstances have shifted. In business today, it’s critical to remain vigilant and responsive to changes in customer preferences, market dynamics, and industry trends. Regularly assess the relevance of your brand – products and services you offer and be prepared to pivot and evolve when necessary. Staying adaptable ensures that your brand remains in tune with the needs and expectations of your target audience. Note that the taste of consumers does change and shift, work towards meeting their needs and wants accordingly.

Don’t Cling to Outdated Practices:

This is one of the difficult bottlenecks to deal with in well-established businesses. Just as keeping a spare tire past its useful life is unwise, businesses must avoid clinging to outdated practices and strategies. This can include holding onto legacy systems, resisting process improvements, or neglecting to update marketing approaches. Instead, companies should regularly evaluate their operations, discard what no longer works, and invest in innovative solutions to remain competitive and efficient.

Utilize Available Resources:

Here again, similar to the unused spare tire, businesses often possess an untapped potential that can be leveraged for growth. These resources might include underutilized data, talented but under recognized employees, or existing technologies with unexplored potential. Recognize and make the most of these assets to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and drive business development. This reminds me of a firm that had collected so much data on its customers and didn’t know what to do with it until it hired a digital marketing expert. They realized they were sitting on gold.

Nurture Young Talent and Fresh Ideas:

Many a time, new ideas from relatively young, people may seem unpractical and realistic until it’s tested. So being welcoming to test ideas from different perspectives, will help the firm know what works and what needs to be amplified and implemented for growth. Just as innovative ideas and young talent are waiting to be harnessed, businesses should actively cultivate an environment that welcomes fresh perspectives. Encourage young talent within your organization to share their insights, and actively seek out new ideas from employees at all levels. The infusion of diverse viewpoints and energy can lead to breakthrough innovations and provide a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Bernard Kelvin Clive is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself as a leading authority on personal branding and digital book publishing in Africa.

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