Making GTP an everyday fashion choice – an Influencer Africa campaign


GTP is a household textile brand known for its high-quality fabrics, reflecting the Ghanaian culture with a touch of confidence to every piece adorned for every occasion. After existing for more than 50 years, with the tagline Timeless for more than a decade, the brand underwent a brand refresh to reposition itself as an everyday fabric of choice with its key brand message ‘Life. Styled’.

Violet Obeng, popularly known as Akosua Vee, was one of the influencers on the GTP Life. Styled campaign

With this brand refresh, GTP positioned the foremost Ghanaian fabric brand to attract the younger generation to choose and style every regular fashion event as a GTP event.

To fully land this new brand objective, GTP added to its marketing strategy, an influencer marketing campaign – the first for the brand. GTP has over the years explored collaborations and continue to partner with beauty queens, TV personalities and leading celebrities – including Martha Ankomah; however, the new brand image needed more and was ready to explore the power of influencer marketing as a channel to communicate to its target groups of corporate women, mothers and fashionable women who want to look and feel chic every day.

With this request, Influencer Africa, the leading influencer agency in the country, partnered with GTP to create an influencer and content creator-led campaign that spread the GTP new positioning brand message while engaging the target consumers.

Brand message-led campaign

GTP ‘Life. Styled’. was interpreted to include styling GTP in all life events every single day of the week for any kind of event. Going for brunch with friends, having a lunch date or dinner as well as going to work, GTP can be styled in any designs as showcased by the influencers used for the campaign.

Going to church, turning up at a party, having meetings – whatever and wherever, you have to be, wear your GTP and represent in your best style. With this, the influencers selected by Influencer Africa for the campaign reflected all the various life moments to be celebrated.

The journey

However, beyond the brand message that formed the basis of the Influencer Africa partnered campaign, the entire promotion followed a journey. From content creators discussing the style inspiration for their outfits, walking the consumers through the process of authenticating their GTP fabrics to ensuring consumers know where to purchase the original, genuine and authentic GTP fabrics.

Then came the segment where creators shared tidbits on what influenced the choices of GTP fabric you used in styling and the reasons for the accessories used to rock their styles. This allowed the creators and influencers to bring their own personalities to the campaign.

Target buy-in

One of the key pointers of the Influencer Africa GTP campaign was engaging consumers with the brand message to tease out engagement, interactions and purchase. To ensure this, the creators’ audience had an opportunity to choose outfits designs from a number of options.

Good quality content

In most instances, influencers are engaged to execute amazing content to push brand messaging. For the GTP Life. Styled campaign, Influencer Africa made good quality content one of the key asks of the campaign. Although the heart of the campaign was fashion, we looked out for fashionable creators who have that level of skillful content creation to reflect the premium positioning of the brand.


At its core, the GTP Life. Styled campaign, executed by Influencer Africa, was an awareness creation campaign to ensure the new brand positioning is communicated to as many consumers as possible. In a true Influencer Africa success, the campaign reached 1.3 million accounts. It also brought in 4 times the estimated media value for GTP, making the Life. Styled campaign one of the cases for good use of influencers and creators to achieve brand goals.

Added value

Marking a good end to the campaign, the Influencer Africa team hosted a GTP Day Out with influencers and the brand team. At the brunch, all the Influencer Africa team was adorned in their unique GTP outfits. The influencers and the creators also came in their GTP-styled garments. The brand’s team also pulled off their GTP game. While this was outside the scope of the campaign, it also provided another opportunity where the influencers and creators generated additional content, earning GTP supplementary visibility on their company social media platforms. This also deepened the working relationship between the influencers and the GTP team.

Providing added value to clients for all campaigns run by Influencer Africa is one of the key internal campaign scores evaluated by the Influencer Africa team.

About the authors

Delase Adukonu is a Senior Influencer Strategist at Influencer Africa and was the lead on the GTP Life.Styled campaign run by Influencer Africa.

Joyce Sackitey-Ahiadorme is an accredited Public Relations Practitioner well-rounded in the field of communications, stakeholder relations, brand communications and change management. She works with Tex Styles Ghana Limited, manufacturers of GTP, as Head of Communications and Transformation.

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