GOIL inaugurates state-of-the-art auto gas stations nationwide

  • To power net-zero energy transition agenda

GOIL PLC has officially inaugurated its state-of-the-art auto gas stations at five specific locations nationwide, in line with Ghana’s just energy transition pathway to net-zero status.

These sites include the Cape Coast by-pass in the Central Region; Goil Burma Camp Service Station and Kpeshie in the Greater Accra Region; Paco Gas at Takoradi in the Western Region (still under construction); and Kentinkrono at Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

This move by the state-owned enterprise is in preparation for full implementation of government’s cylinder recirculation module (CRM) policy, which aims to ensure that – by 2030 – 50 percent of Ghanaians have access to safe, clean and environmentally friendly liquefied petroleum gas.

Speaking at the new gas stations’ opening in Accra, CEO/MD– GOIL PLC, Kwame Osei-Prempeh, said GOIL is therefore ready to meet all supply chain requirements set by the NPA. This commitment is demonstrated through the construction of two Cylinder Bottling Plants – one in Kumasi and another in Tema, as well as establishing the five modern autogas stations, he stated.

He further explained the sites were selected because they meet the necessary criteria: including approval from the Land Use & Spatial Planning Authority; compliance with National Petroleum Authority (NPA) regulations; profitability; and ensuring customers in different areas have access to modern and safe gas facilities.

“The modern autogas stations are designed according to current construction procedures and international safety standards. The technical experts used Gas Leakage Detection Alarms, Loading Arms, Sprinkler Systems, Automated and Emergency Shut-off Valves; coupled with underground LPG storage tanks fitted with standard equipment.

“The reason for this choice is to ensure the risk of LPG leaks with resultant fire accidents and explosions are reduced to the barest minimum. The modern autogas stations will reduce manual handling when opening and closing valves, which makes them a safer option for dispensing LPG into vehicles in Ghana,” Mr. Osei-Prempeh stated.

He also mentioned that talks between GOIL’s Technical and Special Products Department and the NPA highlighted the importance of adding cylinder filling stations to the project. This is necessary to ensure that GOIL can continue providing safe cylinder filling services to its LPG customers until a complete roll-out of the CRM.

Mr. Osei-Prempeh added that commissioning the facilities will further strengthen and widen the company’s portfolio, and consolidate gains already made in the LPG business. “As an indigenous company, GOIL will continue to do its business in the national interest, and ensure that the interest and safety of our consumers always come first,” he stated.

Speaking on behalf of sector minister Matthew Opoku Prempeh, his Deputy Minister for Energy, Andrew Kofi Egyapa Mercer, stated that opening these facilities represents a major achievement in the country’s energy policy – which has been to adopt natural gas as a transition fuel for power generation and transportation.

“GOIL’s opening of these modern auto gas stations is therefore in full alignment with Ghana’s just energy transition pathway to net-zero status. The expectation is that increased access to safe outlets for the sale and purchase of auto gas in the country will translate into a gradual increase in the usage of gas-powered vehicles nationwide,” he stated. “It is also the expectation that a trusted indigenous brand like GOIL’s association with auto gas will enhance confidence in using gas for vehicle-fuelling, and dispel any existing negative safety-related notions on using gas for transportation purposes,” he added.

Again, Mr. Mercer stressed that his firm belief is that the establishment of more auto gas stations will catalyse the opening of businesses and services such as specialised retrofitting and servicing garages, which are necessary to support the gradual migration toward using gas to power vehicles. “The attendant increase of employment opportunities in the space will be a significant benefit to Ghana’s economy. GOIL PLC has indeed blazed a trail that all OMCS operating in Ghana must follow,” he said.

Esther Anku, a Senior Programme Officer at the NPA, emphasised the facilities will deepen the country’s efforts to ensure 50 percent of Ghanaians have access to safe, clean and environmentally friendly liquefied petroleum gas by 2030. “I am very excited to see these facilities come into fruition,” she said. “But how they are operated and maintained is crucial.”

She therefore urged GOIL’s management to embrace technological innovations to deliver unrivalled customer experience, as well as maintain safety measures embedded in the facilities.

The stations ‘construction was in partnership South Korea’s Yooju Engineering and Construction Limited.

Present at the ceremony were high-level Military officers; Industry players; former MD of GOIL, Mr. Patrick Akorli; Brand Ambassador of GOIL, Prof Azumah Nelson; the OMC boss; NPA officials, and GOIL Dealers. The Dealer of Burma Camp GOIL service station, Aretha Barkers Woode, gave a vote of thanks at the ceremony – thanking GOIL for using her station to inaugurate all 5 auto gas stations simultaneously.

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