Media General’s #JOHNNIESBITE on a 2-year high


Johnnie’s Bite was birthed on October 1, 2021. It was created as part of the rebranded TV3 NewDay when TV3 chalked 24 years in television broadcasting. The idea was to create a segment devoted to a live op-ed by the then co-host of the NewDay Morning show, Johnnie Beresford Hughes.

As the name ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ was coined, Johnnie Hughes took up the challenge and devoted considerable efforts and energy to critical and dispassionate news analysis.

Johnnie Hughes’ no-holds-barred, fearless and bold approach to journalism has endeared him to millions of viewers and listeners as he continues to amplify and put the searchlight on issues of national essence. At times, he travelled the length and breadth of the country to gather evidence to support his opinion pieces.

According to Johnnie Hughes, the past two (2) years of ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ have been a roller coaster ride of wins, tears, threats, condemnation and admiration. However, he is determined to impact, change society and transform lives. Johnnie admits;

“… It’s been both challenging and encouraging, we have had criticisms and of course, if you are stepping on the toes of those who are duty bearers, they will not be happy with you, you will have people who are politically motivated who will come at you. Others who are friends with persons in power also appeal to you; so that is how it’s been. Intimidations here and there and sometimes, I have been warned by security elements to watch out to certain vehicles who appear to follow me while I drive around town…”


Johnnie’s roll call of significant change stories includes the reversal of the illegal charge for dialysis at government hospitals after the issue was spoken about on Johnnie’s Bite in September 2023 with receipts; and the resultant clean-up of the Labadi Beach Resort after his show spotlighted the resort’s filthy state, with pictures and video footage to back the claims.

More than five hundred (500) episodes since its inception, ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ remains a favourite and has become the mainstay of both the Sunrise and NewDay Morning shows.  The show is aired live Monday through Friday on 3FM and TV3 at 6:50am.

Reflecting on two (2) years of ‘Johnnie’s Bite’, Johnnie Hughes lauds his support team – Daniel Ocloo aka ‘Dani play the video’, Oliver Lawson and Roland Walker of the TV3 NewDay production team as well as Sixtus Dong Ullo, Samuel Afriyie Owusu and Janet Quayson of the 3FM Sunrise Morning show production team.

The work that goes into the production of ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ is intensive and mostly involves investigative journalism and strenuous research. According to Johnnie: “I get a lot of requests from people, asking me to look into one matter or the other and that is where the investigative work kicks in because you need to verify the leads and information that people volunteer to be sure, to avoid defaming persons; and you need to be careful about what you put out there because there is also the issue of misinformation and that does not resonate with the brand”.


‘Johnnie’s Bite’ is a quintessential example of how the fearless journalism of accountability should be practised for impact in the 21st Century and beyond. It’s balanced, accurate and objective, and it gives a voice to the voiceless; devoid of insults, fear or favour, ill-will or affection, and with the right dose of incontrovertible facts and figures to kick-start the right conversations for national development.

The show is also designed to encourage citizens to speak up and demand accountability in their own right and that is the kind of impact that ‘Johnnie’s Bite’ has been able to achieve over the past two (2) years; there are a lot more people tuning into the live broadcast on Facebook to chime in on social, political and economic issues. This is a testament to the reach of the show and a joy that Media General has been able to build a brand that citizens find worthy of their time, within two (2) years.

In the same breadth, ‘JohnniesBite’ does not encourage opinions of insults. The show encourages free speech and the ability to agree to disagree.

“.. You can speak your mind, but mind your speech; and you can disagree without being disagreeable. I will encourage young people to refrain from trading insults all over social media. The least that they could do is have an opinion that is grounded in facts and figures.” Johnnie Hughes

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