Gold Fields Foundation supports blood donation at Tarkwa with GH¢70,000


Gold Fields Ghana Foundation (GFGF) has supported Firm Health Ghana Foundation with GH¢70,000 to collect 1,000 pints of blood to save the lives of people at Tarkwa and its environs in the Western Region.

The event, dubbed ‘A thousand gifts of life’, is meant to ensure that health facilities in the area get enough stock in their blood banks.

Dr. Joseph Darko-Medical Superintendent, Bogoso Hospital, explained that blood is key to critical health care and emergencies at every health facility.

“For one person to require at least five pints of blood at a time means that the stock will not be enough to go around. We see people coming every day and dying because we don’t have blood at the bank, and it’s very disturbing – especially if it’s a pregnant woman who is in dire need,” he said.

According to Dr. Darko, Tarkwa and its environs need about 2,400 pints of blood every year. “You organise blood donation campaigns and get 120 pints. This is not enough for emergencies; we need to save lives. Demand is higher than supply, and the burden can’t be on relatives.”

He pointed out that most times, health facilities in Tarkwa rely on Accra or Takoradi for blood bank supplies – crossing dangerous roads and spending long hours.

“Hence the foundation’s need to organise the blood donation drive with the 1,000 pints target to satisfy the needs of patients, and I am glad Gold Fields Foundation has joined the campaign,” he said.

He indicated that one critical part of the blood drive is generating data on the blood collected, so that health professionals are assured of where to get the blood group they need and also reduce the burden on relatives.

Dr. Darko mentioned that the dominant blood group is 0-positive, but 0-negative is uncommon. “The data will be analysed to see where the concentration is for professionals to act accordingly during emergencies.

“The concentration for the blood groups in the system also promote usage. We will meet with all the laboratory experts and see what we can do with data on blood banks so that we can save lives. Until it happens to you or a relative, you will not know the importance of blood.”

Abdel-Razak Yakubu, Executive Secretary-Gold Fields Ghana Foundation, was happy with the enthusiasm of voluntary donors at the centres.

“This is very encouraging; I believe the foundation’s vision of improving critical health care and emergencies has been realised. We want to take the lead in safety and every emergency. This should not be a one-off culture. We are really happy that together we’ve made it. We have supported a worthy cause with an investment of GH¢70,000,” he said.

Dr. Sylvester Akpah, Operations Director-Firm Health Ghana, promised that the foundation will continue to create awareness for people to donate blood voluntarily.

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