Trust Hospital kicks off Pink October 2023 campaign


…uniting stakeholders to bridge the care gap and save lives

Trust Hospital, an institution renowned for its dedication to accessible healthcare, has officially launched its highly anticipated Pink October campaign for 2023, which raises awareness on breast cancer.

The campaign, themed ‘Managing Together to Close the Care Gap’, aims to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders to raise awareness about breast cancer and ensure accessible, high-quality care for all patients. This year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month carries the overarching theme ‘Thrive365’.

During the launch event, Dr. Juliana Oye Ameh, CEO of Trust Hospital, pointed out that the 2023 Pink October campaign goes beyond conventional awareness efforts. It underscores the urgent need for cooperation among healthcare professionals, policy-makers, corporate Ghana, community organisations and individuals to narrow the existing care gap and enhance outcomes for breast cancer patients.

“Collaborative care has proven successful in other healthcare areas, so why not apply the same approach here? We invite the media, corporate Ghana, pharmaceutical companies, government and policy-makers, religious, social and traditional groups, civil society and advocacy groups to join us,” Dr. Ameh stated.

Given the crucial role women play in Ghana’s socio-economic development, various entities – including businesses, social enterprises, religious organisations, policy-makers and non-profits – must work together to combat this threat to women’s lives and livelihoods, Dr. Ameh urged.

She called for increased support for investigations, surgeries and treatment for groups and individuals, with a focus on community screening and sponsorship of scans and mammograms for women in need.

Corporate organisations were also encouraged to promote women’s participation in screening and assist with investigation costs. “We continue to offer a 50 percent discount at all its service centres to provide financial assistance to patients,” the Trust Hospital CEO added.

Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, Vice Chancellor at the University of Ghana and Guest Speaker at the event, praised the campaign’s theme as a call to unite in addressing gaps in awareness, healthcare access and support for those affected by breast cancer.

She said: “‘Managing Together: A Step in Closing the Gap’, speaks volumes about our collective journey in the fight against breast cancer. It underscores the fact that no single entity or individual can tackle this complex issue alone. Rather, it calls for a unified front where healthcare institutions, advocacy groups, universities, communities and individuals come together to make a difference. This theme reflects the idea that our collective efforts are a vital step toward reducing the impact of breast cancer on individuals and society as a whole”.

She applauded the management of the hospital for their commitment to championing such a course and pledged her outfit’s commitment to partner and support the initiative of closing the cancer care gap.

“Our researchers have dedicated themselves to advancing knowledge about the disease, exploring new treatment options, and enhancing early detection methods. We have worked diligently to provide a platform for collaboration among experts and institutions both locally and internationally,” she added.

Dr. Nana Ama Abankwa, Chief Medical Staff at Trust Hospital, explained the rationale behind the chosen theme, noting that while free screening had seen an increase in women seeking help, many required further medical assistance, which they couldn’t afford. Hence, involving stakeholders to support affected patients became imperative.

Dr. Edith Yaaba Swanzy, Facility Head at Trust Hospital, provided an overview of the wellness clinic and its services. Throughout October, Trust Hospital has planned various events and activities, including free breast cancer screenings, educational workshops, awareness campaigns in schools, and support group sessions for patients and their families.

The launch also featured the inspiring testimony of a respected breast cancer survivor and advocate who highlighted the importance of early detection and community support. In 2022, Trust Hospital offered free screening services to approximately 6,500 women as part of Pink October.

About Trust Hospital

Trust Hospital is a comprehensive healthcare facility dedicated to providing quality and affordable services to the public. Under its brand, it operates four hospitals and five clinics in Adenta, Dansoman, Dome, Sakumono, and Tema. Services offered include GP and specialist consultations, chemotherapy, dialysis, obstetrics and gynaecology, urology, paediatrics, dental, ophthalmology, ENT, physiotherapy, dietetics, orthopaedic, and clinical psychology.

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