GBfoods pioneers workplace well-being through “Flavoured Walk” Initiative


GBfoods, a leading food manufacturing company and producer of Ghana’s favourite Gino, Pomo, Brisk Farm and Jago range of products proudly reaffirms its commitment to fostering a stimulating workplace culture and empowering its workforce through its annual ‘Flavoured Walk’ up the scenic Aburi Mountain.

The “Flavoured Walk” is an engaging gathering of all GBfoods employees in Ghana for a refreshing experience of pure bliss and well-being. Whether building leg muscle through the ‘walk,’ or just embracing the lush environment, the perfect ambience was created for employees to let their hair down, enjoy, and bond with their colleagues in their true value of Joy. This initiative aligns seamlessly with GBfoods’ vision of being a Great Place to Work, with a strong emphasis on the well-being and development of its team members.

Commenting on the rationale behind the “Flavoured Walk”, David Kofi Afflu, General Manager at GBfoods, said: “The Flavoured Walk is a celebration of our team, emphasising wellness, teamwork and unity. It aligns with our vision to cultivate an exceptional workplace that nurtures growth, creativity, and resilience. We believe that investing in our team’s well-being is pivotal to achieving success as a leader in the industry. A sound mind indeed resides in a sound body”

The “Flavoured Walk” is not a singular event; it symbolizes our continuous commitment to cultivating a culture of well-being and active participation in the workplace. By organising regular activities that foster unity and excitement, we seek to create a lively and spirited atmosphere that goes beyond the ordinary,” he added.

GBfoods believes that a joyful work environment correlates with a motivated and content workforce, resulting in enhanced productivity and sustained success. The company remains resolute in its dedication to fostering an environment that empowers employees and facilitates their holistic development.

As part of the experience, the team was later transported to Safari Valley to engage in games and other team-building activities, triggering healthy competition, and reinforcing the spirit of unity and collaboration. As GBfoods Ghana continues to celebrate local flavours, it remains steadfast in its mission to deliver high-quality products that enrich culinary experiences and bring joy to millions of households across Ghana.

The company’s focus on celebrating authentic local flavours, supporting local communities, and driving sustainable practices positions it as a trusted partner and a source of consumer pride. GBfoods Ghana is determined to stimulate investment in Ghana and recently expanded its production line by opening a state-of-the-art tomato canning line in Tema. This state-of-the-art tomato cannery was built at a total cost of US$ 5 million.

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