Unlocking business resilience with ECL’s Hybrid Cloud Lab services


In a recent Enterprise Computing Ltd (ECL) VMware-Andurar event, held in Accra on September 27th 2023, the company educated the business community and highlighted the need to give attention to inherent risks enterprises face in the digital world, putting spotlight on Hybrid Cloud.

The event featured two enlightening sessions, guided by VMware’s Partner Business Managers West and Central Africa, Sydney Sosoo and Michael Ekundayo. Their mission: to demystify the potential of Hybrid Cloud and equip businesses with the knowledge and tools to navigate an increasingly complex digital world.

Session 1: Unleashing the Power of Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)

Michael Ekundayo kicked off the event with an exploration of Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC) architecture where he unveiled the magic behind a fully automated, zero-downtime infrastructure capable of supporting any application on any hardware. Attendees were captivated as they learned how VMware’s SDDC architecture could be a game-changer for their organizations.

The highlight of this session was the revelation that with VMware Cloud, you can effortlessly vMotion your workloads to the cloud from your environment on-premise. This flexibility seeks to transform business operations and ensure seamless scalability and resource allocation.

Session 2: Business resilience in the face of adversity

The second session addressed a concern that keeps many business leaders awake at night: disaster recovery and ransomware attacks. Drawing on their extensive expertise, Michael and Sydney shared how VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery solutions can be a lifeline when faced with unexpected challenges.

They delved into the intricacies of recovering from a ransomware attack, a scenario that every business should prepare for in today’s digital age. Attendees left with a clear understanding of how VMware Cloud solutions can mitigate the impact of such threats and ensure business continuity.

ECL’s Hybrid Cloud infrastructure services: your path to success

The knowledge shared during this half-day seminar was undoubtedly invaluable, but the question that remains is: “How can businesses leverage this newfound wisdom?” The answer lies in ECL’s Hybrid Infrastructure Services.

ECL’s commitment to business success is undeniable, and this extends to their consulting, implementation, and 24/7 fanatical support services. By partnering with ECL, businesses can turn the insights gained from the ECL-VMware-Andurar event into tangible action.

ECL’s experts stand ready to guide organizations on their journey towards implementing Hybrid Cloud solutions that align with their unique needs and goals. Whether it’s harnessing the power of SDDC architecture, embracing the cloud for seamless scalability, or fortifying their defenses against ransomware, ECL’s hybrid cloud services are an assurance in the ever-changing digital business environment.

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