Jazz night, tribute held to celebrate John Coltrane’s contribution to jazz music

Dr. Cuthbert Ormond Simpkins reading tribute

In celebration of the legendary jazz musician, John William Coltrane’s contribution to Jazz music, the Yomi Sower Trio held a night of Jazz and tribute to honour him and reflect on the impact he made with jazz music.

Although he is no more, the organisers of the event believe his influence on jazz music contributed immensely to the music industry as a whole.

Mr. Coltrane, often referred to as the ‘father of modern jazz’, was known for his innovative approach to improvisation and his mastery of the saxophone. His groundbreaking albums, such as ‘A Love Supreme’ and ‘Giant Steps’, continue to inspire and captivate musicians and fans alike, even decades after his demise.

The jazz night and tribute concert featured an impressive lineup of jazz music from the Yomi sower Trio. The group thrilled fans who were present at the event with songs from the late Coltrane. The night began with a documentary on some of the works of Mr. Coltrane and commentaries of individuals who had the opportunity to work with him.

One of such people who was highly influenced by Mr. Coltrane’s music is the author of a book that describes the life of Mr. Coltrane throughout his career, Dr. Cuthbert Ormond Simpkins.

According to him, Mr. Coltrane is known for his profound interest in spirituality, culture and the essence of humanity, and that has left an indelible mark on the world of music. He said his songs – such as ‘Dear Lord’, ‘A Love Supreme’ and ‘Africa’ – reflect his deep connection with the soul of society and its diverse cultures.

Speaking on how he was impacted and motivated to write a book about the late Coltrane, Dr. Simpkins said: “Personally, Coltrane opened my mind and heart to the beauty of the universe that I had previously overlooked. I learned to appreciate the small joys in life, such as children’s laughter, the intricate patterns on tree bark, the air we breathe, and the clouds above us. Moreover, Coltrane helped me see the beauty in people, their souls and their uniqueness.

“I wrote a book about Coltrane because I wanted others to discover the incredible things he found in the universe. I wanted them to know who he was and how he moved through so much in his life. John Coltrane’s music is a gateway to a world of wonder and beauty that I hope more people will explore.”

As a lover of culture, which was one key thing the late Coltrane never left out in his music, he believes that the more events that celebrate Coltrane and his music, the more accessible he becomes to people. Again, with an increased exposure, it will lead to greater rewards for those who truly listen and appreciate his art, he added.

“I believe that people are in search of joy, sincerity, truth and beauty in life. In a world where negativity is often highlighted, there is a yearning for the wonders of the universe. This is where John Coltrane and his music come in. His essence brings forth a positive spirit, and as more people discover and truly listen to Coltrane, there will be an increase in events that invoke this spirit.

“Listening to Coltrane’s music requires a different kind of attention. It is about truly hearing and having an open mind. When one engages with his music in this way, the experience becomes limitless and wonderful. This is what people desire – an escape from drugs, alcohol or unsuccessful relationships. By finding and truly hearing Coltrane, one can find great satisfaction and peace,” he said.

The Yomi Sower Trio’s live performance in Accra aims to increase awareness and accessibility to jazz music. The trio hopes to inspire more people to discover and appreciate the beauty of jazz music, and also call for support from groups, individuals, among others.

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