Nekotech announces landmark US$100m initiative to empower 1,000 youth


In a groundbreaking move that’s set to redefine the future for 1,000 Ghanaian youths, SOS Nekotech has launched a monumental US$100million initiative in celebration of their 25th anniversary. This initiative, taking place from October 1 to 15, 2023, is designed to empower Ghana’s young minds with a significant opportunity for personal and professional growth.

This initiative forms part of Nekotech’s commitment to education and youth development, and is to be realised through a two-fold approach.

Rev Dr Princess A.K. Ocansey, Executive Chairperson-SOS Global Investments, Nekotech Centre of Excellence and the Readiness College, says Nekotech’s commitment to education and youth empowerment takes shape through two key components.

According to her: “As part of this groundbreaking project, Ghanaian youth will have the unique opportunity to access a US$100,000 no-collateral loan. This financial support is aimed at enabling them to pursue higher education, start businesses, or achieve personal and professional goals”.

She added that: “Nekotech is offering a US$2,500 scholarship for prep school. This is in recognition of a strong educational foundation’s importance, so the scholarship will equip young Ghanaians with the knowledge and skills needed to excel academically”.

The Executive Chairperson made this announcement at the inaugural Africa-US Presidential Forum on STEM/AI/MBA – which was attended by esteemed figures including President Chakwera of Malawi; and Hon. Rahman Mohamed Swaray, representing President Rtd. Brigadier Dr. Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone.

HE Rev Dr Princess Ocansey, on behalf of SOS Nekotech, received the US$100million award from Mr. Joel Frish, VP-Prodigy Finance, USA. Notable attendees included Dr. Michael Roberts, Nekotech Board Co-Chair; and Hon. Madalitso Wirima Kambauwa, Minister of Education, Malawi. The event was hosted at Rutgers University, Newark, NJ, USA, under the leadership of Provost and Executive Deputy Chancellor Jeffrey Robinson, PHD.

To participate in this life-changing initiative, young Ghanaians must register on Nekotech’s official website at Registration opens on October 1, 2023, and continues until October 15, 2023 – providing ample time for eligible candidates to seize this unique opportunity.

Nekotech’s 25th-anniversary initiative exemplifies their unwavering dedication to education, youth development and the future of Ghana. By extending a helping hand to the next generation, Nekotech reaffirms its position as a leader in shaping the destiny of Ghana’s youth. Nekotech’s dedication to advancing STEM education in Africa, and their significant investment in the continent’s brightest minds for a digitalised future, are reflected in this historic commitment.

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