Richard Kumadoe writes: Celebrating 16 years of financial crime & global compliance campaign


It has been plenteous sixteen years of steeper-slippery journey; a slippage adventure with the global crusade against fraud, financial crime, and money laundering activities across financial sector instititions, corporate businesses, and government agencies.

A lot of success has been chocked during the period, and there are many positive, and productive memories to be shared.

Relevant knowledge was transferred, empowerment was provided, and greater access has been graciously granted to a lot more (many) young men and women in the frontlines, who are working tirelessly to ensure, the right things are done, and global compliance is achieved, without fail.

However, current events of very high profile cases of insecurity, economic despondency, and financial crime regulation infractions kept me thinking, and it came to mind, and unto a realistic realisation that, there is still much more work to be done, particularly in Ghana.




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