WopeCar redefines car rental; rebrands and unveils exciting future plans


In a remarkable step toward revolutionising the car rental marketplace in Ghana, WopeCar has celebrated its grand rebranding event – marking a significant milestone in their journey.

The event, held in Accra, showcased the company’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity and a renewed focus on delivering an exceptional car rental experience.

Yusif Seidu, Founder of WopeCar, expressed the company’s mission, saying: “The new brand and identity we are about to unveil today represent Trust, Reliability, Convenience and a Solution born from putting our customers and partners first. We have listened to your feedback and worked diligently to provide you with a new face of Wopecar that has more car options to select from – at affordable prices”.

WopeCar’s future direction promises an exciting journey ahead. Mr Seidu highlighted their vision, stating; “Our goal is to become the most trusted online car rental service provider in Ghana and beyond. We will introduce new services, expand to new markets outside of Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi, and embrace every opportunity to enhance your journey across Africa and beyond”.

Sheena Sue Biney, General Manager of WopeCar, emphasised the importance of adaptability and innovation in the evolving transportation landscape. She stated: “In this rapidly changing landscape, adaptability and innovation are key; and it is our commitment to stay ahead of the curve, offering you the best solutions in the industry”.

Clara B. Arthur, a seasoned Financial Technology Professional with more than 19 years of expertise in both the Financial Services and Technology sectors of Ghana, delivered a keynote address at the WopeCar rebranding event. She lauded the innovative approach employed by the WopeCar brand, emphasising its commitment to utilising technology that enhances the convenience of driving.

During her speech, she expressed: “WopeCar is harnessing technology to provide a seamless car rental experience, allowing individuals to secure a rental from the comfort of their own homes”.

WopeCar’s revamped online platform, unveilled during the event, promises a seamless and convenient car rental experience. Ms. Biney explained: “We’ve upgraded our fleet to include some seriously cool rides, from sleek sedans to rugged SUVs and dreamy convertibles. What sets us apart is not just our fleet but our dedication to customer satisfaction”.

The event also celebrated the WopeCar team’s dedication. The Founder expressed his gratitude by saying: “Everything we are witnessing today has been made possible by our team. Their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment have made this milestone possible”.

WopeCar’s commitment to customer service shines through their revamped website and well-trained staff. Ms. Biney assured: “With the revamp of our website comes a well-trained staff. We’ve trained our staff to be so friendly and helpful that you might find yourself inviting them to your family get-togethers”.

Detailing the history of WopeCar, Mr. Seidu took attendees back to the company’s roots. He shared: “WopeCar was born from a personal experience I had while helping a friend find an affordable car rental option. That experience led us to create a platform that empowers individuals and businesses, giving them the freedom to go places with convenience”.

As WopeCar rebrands and launches its exciting new platform, the message is clear – it’s not just about a rebrand; it’s about a promise, a commitment and a shared vision. Together with their dedicated team, partners and customers, WopeCar is poised to redefine the car rental marketplace in Ghana and create a seamless car rental experience for all.

The General Manager summed up by saying: “We promise to deliver top-notch services that make your car rental experience not just practical but downright enjoyable”.

WopeCar’s journey of innovation and customer-centricity continues, promising a brighter future for car rental in Ghana and beyond.

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