Embrace digital tools for transformative event management


Graduating class from an Event Management course at the Institute for Digital Marketing and Communication, Ghana (IDMC Ghana) have been urged to harness the vast potential of digital tools for the advancement of their businesses in a rapidly evolving industry.

The advent of digitalisation has ushered in a new era in event management from initial planning stages to execution, where event organisers now have the power to create unparalleled experiences through cutting-edge technology; hence, the need for players to focus on mastering these digital tools to stay relevant.

IDMC Ghana at the Ghana-Indian Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT, over the weekend, graduated 206 participants in the Event Management, Promotion and Sponsorship programme with a call to aspire to be change-makers in society.

Director of Training and Innovation at the institute, Martin Thompson Ntem, emphasised the crucial need for all stakeholders in the event management ecosystem to adapt to the transformative effects of digital evolution.

He stressed that the course was designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of event management, promotion and sponsorship. The course covers the key principles and best practices of event planning, marketing and sponsorship acquisition.

“Digitalisation has left an indelible mark, both positively and challenging the norms of our industry. Today, we witness the hosting of events in virtual spaces, and online ticketing has rapidly become the norm. The dynamics of the event management landscape have undergone significant changes, making it imperative for all industry players to embrace these shifts,” he said.

The graduation event, which was held concurrently with the ‘Event Management Forum 2023’, was meticulously crafted to equip local event planners and marketers with the essential digital knowledge required to elevate their businesses to global standards. It served as a valuable platform for sharing insights and strategies that can empower event professionals to thrive in the digital age.

The event was held under the theme ‘Navigating the Future of Events Management and Promotion’, and was graced by luminaries from various sectors of the industry, creating a melting pot of ideas and insights.

Representing Entranvision, Setornam Irene Blagogee and Charles Chima Mbonu, the Business and Sales Manager at Etranzact, were among the notable voices. These industry stalwarts offered their unique perspectives on the evolving landscape of event management, adding depth and nuance to the discussions.

From the realm of media and entertainment, Kenneth Nana Kwadwo Addo, Head of Event at TV3 Ghana, provided a fascinating glimpse into the intersection of television and event management. Mouna Wrahmanne, Head of Creative at Khadmatt Events, and Francis Kwakye, CEO of Rhythms Africa, brought a creative flair to the proceedings, sharing insights into the art of crafting memorable and engaging events.

Managing Director of Sela Impressions and Management Partner at Globe Production, James Gbedemah, and Founder and CEO of Rad Communications Group, Richmond Anim-Damoah, shared their expertise in event planning and communication. With a diverse and accomplished panel like this, the Event Management Forum 2023 became a hub of knowledge-sharing and industry exploration, leaving attendees enriched with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

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