Poetry Corner: The Poetry in a Dirge


The mourners weep

Even in the deep of the night

The day breaks

Even in the silence of the night


The bereaved wakes

Even from the pain of bereavement

The day reminds all…the remnants

Of a life blown away

And blown out…out of sight



A dirge solemnly stirs our sadness

In a melancholic display of solemnity

A dirge stretches the memory of the dead

Into a state of melancholy

Into a place called Eternity


When a dirge reports the calling

Of the famous hero

To the glory of his Highness


When a dirge hums the passing

Of his Lowness

Into oblivion

The dead dares not know

The distinction between the high and the low…in the earthly class of distinction


When a dirge flows

From the sound of the native drum


And from the loud thumping

On the Atumpan


When a dirge sounds the will of death

To send a chill down the spine of the dead

From the encompassing thrill

Of the Ateteben

The death of the dead

Will sound everywhere


The living makes for the dead…a dirge

A dirge makes for the living…a living

The dead takes to a dirge

As a dirge takes to poetry

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