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Nowadays, social media influencers and the overall streetwear culture dictate what’s cool and fresh in fashion. In contrast to the apocalyptic settings the fashion industry went through in 2021-2022, the latest fashion trends unveil digital fads and TikTok-driven aesthetic trends like never before.

To some extent, the current fashion styles resemble the late 80s and early 90s trends, mimicking the silhouettes and patterns of those seasons. However, classic styles are revived and reinterpreted in oversized shapes and striking colours, with a predominance of active wear and streetwear styles. The landscape keeps changing and morphing; and in this article, I will review the latest fashion trends of 2023.

Bohemian floral dresses

Almost synonymous with spring, flowers have long represented renewal, beauty and the feminine side of nature. The association between floral motifs and natural femininity can be traced through fashion’s last hundred years. As the role of women in society – equality and empowerment – changes, so is the general concept of feminine symbols, such as flowers in clothing.

2021 and 2022 were the years of the boho fashion style, led by stores like Princess Polly and other similar women’s clothing stores. However, the current fashion style of 2022-2023 can be described as ‘adding petals to the metal.’ This year, designers are no longer interested in rose prints. Instead, florals are taking over Goth clothing brands and other digitally-born aesthetic clothing trends like cottage core, darker academia, light academia, and e-girl styles.

Crochet set ensembles

According to the fashion search engine, Lyst, searches for crochet clothing have risen by 85 percent since July 2022, particularly for crochet dresses and sets. And in 2022, thanks to Lucy Williams, Bettina Looney and Chrissy Rutherford, crochet sets were the style of choice for beachside holidays and summer staycations.

Hoodies under blazers

The ever-so-cozy hoodie is one of the most popular styles rocking current fashion trends. Wearing a blazer with a hoodie is no longer just another street-style cut, but a mainstream look transcending generations.

Wearing a quarantine staple-piece hoodie under a blazer adds a stylistic layer to your overall look. Look for a slim, tapered hoody — preferably a darker, solid hue without too much embroidery or graphics. Pair it with a dark, solid blazer. Slacks or denim are up to you — either will work, depending on the occasion.

Oversized bomber jackets

Bomber jackets should always rest loosely on your hip – unless you’ve opted for a slightly cropped style. The clingy cuffs shouldn’t go past or above your wrists, no matter the fit. The cuffs should be tight; so try a smaller size if it hangs over your hand loosely. In this case, the hues are almost always neutral, somehow empowering the underneath attire for an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

Cropped cardigans

Popular in the 90s fashion, there’s nothing more trend defining in the contemporary fashion trends like the humble cropped cardigan. A vintage-inspired trend kicked off by high brands like Alessandra Rich and LoveShackFancy, quickly copied by Zara, Forever 21, and other fast fashion brands. Regardless, if putting together a cute outfit seems too much to handle, a skinny knit with a trending style of jeans is the perfect answer.

Styles range from basic button-ups to embroidered, embellished or printed knits, so there’s something for everyone. You can wear these shrunken knits with slip skirts and a leather jacket, especially if you need another layer of protection. Of course, jeans and boots also complement a cropped cardigan. However you style it, be that Fairy Grunge or e-Girl, ensure you’ll be comfortable all day long.

Casual trench coat look

Not a fashion season has passed without the trench appearing, and the most recent fashion shows were no exception. With a perennially stylish military cut, the super practical trench coat has been a fashion staple since the World War I. Also, the casual trench is perfect for drizzly days, thanks to the Gabardine fabric. The coat of choice for iconic women for decades, the casual trench is brought back to life by Meghan Markle’s recent royal visits. Great with a cashmere roll neck and Prada tractor-tread boots to create that stylish yet military-inspired outerwear look.

Boiler suit vibe

This one-and-done hero piece has cropped up everywhere this year, from the runway to your favourite affordable stores. It’s easy and cool, and it takes the stress out of picking pants and a shirt because we all have enough to think about right now.

Traditionally made from heavy canvas or denim, the one-zip wonder was one of many game-changing inventions from the Industrial Revolution. With men’s overalls, comfort and practicality are high on the list. Also, boiler suits are popular among extended sizes, offered by fantastic plus-size and petite clothing brands. Beloved by celebrities such as Giambattista, the Hadid sisters, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Irina Shayk, this versatile all-in-one is your swiftest route to utility chic.

Puff sleeves

By definition, a trend is a development or change and as such, we expect fashion trends to morph, take new forms, and even veer off entirely. However, some trends have staying power, proving to be more than fleeting – and the puff-sleeve style is the perfect example.

The larger-than-life sleeve has been showcased in many variations: the balloon, the Juliet, the leg-of-mutton, and so on. However, the puff sleeve trend cracked the fashion veneer in 2018, when the ’80s fashion looks raved the world’s runways. Fast-forward to 2023, the supersized sleeves are more popular than ever. With balloon sleeves on sweaters at Fendi, billowing sleeves attached to pleated shirt dresses at McQueen, perfectly puffed gowns at Rodarte, and double-breasted winter coats at JW Anderson.

Colour clashing ensembles

Revive your classic jackets and romantic ruffles by mixing punch-packing bubblegum pink colours with vivid greens. Colour clashing is a great way to revive your wardrobe and make a fashion statement at no cost. It works by pairing contrasting colours or colours you wouldn’t usually put together to create bold focal points. The secret to pulling it off is sticking to simple shapes. Think classic shifts, maxis and pencil skirts. Also, choose shades that are the direct opposites on the colour wheel.

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