Poetry Corner: A Bundle of Emotions 


When I saw Ama Gaanna in our surroundings

She was screaming and cursing

Shouting and ranting

Sighing audibly


Awaiting a weeping and a splashing…of tears



I saw her

Complaining and explaining

Muttering invective with such obscene expletives

Against a well-known native…a relative

Murmuring and spitting such spittle

Creating a sore spectacle

Directing the whole hassle at one bad apple


I saw her

Gesturing and pointing

Pointing at the so-known malefactor

Painting the whole picture

Supporting with supposed happenings

Happening before many of the spectators


I heard her

Telling the wild side of the tales

Spelling out all the details

Yelling on the top of her vocals

Hurling words to hurt someone somehow

Somehow…to hurt her vocals


I saw her

Stop to think

Thinking of whether to cause harm

Or to leave matters to stay that way

I saw her

Pause to blink

Blinking at who to send into harm’s way

What to send back to the sender

I saw her

Glance to wink

Winking without saying a thing

Looking pale and pink


I saw her

Weeping and wailing

Kneeling and waddling

Seething with passion

Feeling like ailing

Peevish without relenting


Then I saw her

Down on her butts

Sitting on tenterhooks

Sitting on all twos

Pulling and pushing in the earth

Paddling to breach the dusty earth


Then I heard her






The villain

The only guilty one

For all the pain inflicted

For all the gain restricted

For all the stain infested

For all the vain pledges


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