GPHA inaugurates new building for GIFA


The Ghana Ports and Habours Authority (GPHA)-Takoradi has inaugurated a new building for the Ghana Inshore Fishermen Association (GIFA) at New Takoradi in the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis.

The building is equipped with tools/changing room, machine and electrical shop, Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture (MOFAD) and GIFA offices as well as a conference room, and will improve gear repairs. Also, there is a winch to help pull boats for repairs and reduce drudgery in the workshop.

Eric Kofi Otoo, a representative of GIFA, said the workshop will enhance productivity and reduce the burden of fishermen – who trek long distances to the old workshop at ‘Boatase’ for operation at odd times, or to set off on fishing expedition.

“It will greatly relieve our women from carrying loads of fish from Boatase to the community. The facility will become the epicentre and heartbeat of all our fishing activities that take place ashore. It will benefit not only this community but also all fishing communities along the coast of Ghana which seasonally bring their vessels to New Takoradi for major maintenance and repair work,” he added.

Mr. Otoo said with the risky and old dilapidated equipment, repair work was overstretched by the number of vessels along the coast. “I anticipate an increase in the number of vessels that will queue-up for space.”

Peter Amoo-Bediako, Director-Takoradi Port said: “The journey to construct the GIFA workshop was not an easy one”.

He said the engagements and partnership among stakeholders toward the project are historic, and that the project will restore the fishers’ livelihoods.

He remarked: “We want to improve the fisheries sector. It has not been easy; but with patience and careful planning, we are all witnessing this historic event.  We want good things for New Takoradi. Let’s all pray that we see more growth of Takoradi Port so that we can go on with the phase”.

Kwabena Okyere-Darko-Mensah, Western Regional Minister, said the fisheries sector is populated by about 3.2 million people and contributes to the Ghanaian economy.

The sector in the region, for example he said, contributes 60 percent of Ghana’s total catch and 90 percent of its tuna.

He urged stakeholders to begin reflecting on how to improve the fisheries economy, enhance livelihoods and reduce poverty and deprivation among fishers in about 180 communities working at 300 landing beaches.

He pointed out that the old machine shop at Boatase has deteriorated, and was happy Takoradi Port has built a new one at New Takoradi.

“We must begin to think about how we will pay some commercial charges, it should not be just free services – so that we maintain and sustain the facility and equipment here, and make some money. I hope phase 2 of the project will come off and create a wharf for our fishers to also become rich.”

Hannah Agyei-Boakye, a Director from the Fisheries Commission, commended Takoradi Port for providing social and economic benefits to industry players, including providing infrastructure at various harbours.

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