Karpowership sensitises media with multiple engagements


The management of Karpowership Ghana, in a quest to solidify their relationship with the media and to educate them on their operations, has held multiple engagements in Takoradi.

One of the two separate engagements was a sit-down conversation; and the other, a guided tour of the Karadeniz Powership Osman Khan – which is moored at the Western Naval Command in Sekondi-Takoradi.

The company shared key information about their operations in Ghana; their environmental compliance, their contributions to both the micro and macro economies and how their cutting-edge technology – the Powership – works.

During the first leg of the media engagement, the media was educated on the operations of Karpowership Ghana on topics ranging from their green environmental focus – why the switch from heavy fuel oil (HFO) to natural gas, their investments into the economy which has created both direct and indirect jobs as well as engaging in sustainable corporate social activities that inure to the benefit of their host country and community.

In the second engagement, the media was hosted to a guided tour to afford them the opportunity to experience first-hand the Powership and to better understand and appreciate how this cutting-edge technology operates.

Communications Manager Ms. Sandra Amarquaye assured the media that “Karpowership is committed to building and sustaining a good relationship with them while powering Ghana and touching lives”.

On his part, Plant Manager Mr. Semih Sahim reiterated that “the Powership’s technology is very efficient and can supply to the grid any megawatts required at all times”.

Project Manager Ms. Michelle Hazel added that “the relocation of the Powership from Tema to Takoradi to use Ghana’s natural gas has saved the country US$18million a month from 2019 till date”.

Karpowership Ghana, since inception in 2014 and subsequent actual upstream in 2015, has generated power that feed Ghana’s power mix, has bankrolled the construction of an US$8million transmission lines, invested more than US$3million into site preparation while obtaining vendors locally and has – beyond powering industries, offices and homes –empowered lives of people in their host communities.

The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) President for the Western Region, Mr. Desmond Cudjoe, thanked Karpowership for the opportunity, shared his learnings on how the Powership works, meaning of the take or pay clause and requested more of such opportunities to meet the media.

Dotsey Aklorbortu, a reporter with the Daily Graphic, concurred that more of such engagements are needed while sharing his learnings about the efficiency and uniqueness of the plant’s technology.

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