GhIPSS collaborates with banks to facilitate GhanaPay Mobile Money registration


Residents of Tema and its neighboring areas will soon experience increased accessibility to GhanaPay mobile money services, thanks to a collaborative effort between the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS) and various banks. From August 30th to September 1, a dedicated team from GhIPSS and participating banks will host an event at Tema Community 1 to enrol members of the public onto the GhanaPay Mobile Money platform.

The event, dubbed ‘GhanaPay Mobile Money Experience Fair’, is part of joint initiatives by GhIPSS and partner banks aimed at providing the public with convenient access to and enrollment on this innovative service.

While resembling traditional mobile money services, GhanaPay Mobile Money distinguishes itself by being available through universal banks, rural banks and savings and loans companies. It extends basic mobile money functionalities while incorporating additional banking services tailored to enhance users’ financial flexibility.

GhanaPay Mobile Money is accessible through both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. In an effort to simplify public engagement with the service, GhIPSS and the banks have decided to organise this event in Tema – ensuring that the registration process is brought closer to local residents.

Samuel Darko, Head of the GhanaPay Mobile Money Unit at GhIPSS, has underscored advantages of the GhanaPay platform in anticipation of the Tema Activation. Notably, GhanaPay stands out by offering fee-free transactions to both mobile networks and bank accounts – exception for the obligatory Electronic Transaction levy (E-levy).

Mr. Darko has urged Tema residents to take full advantage of this opportunity to register for GhanaPay Mobile Money at the Meridian enclave within Tema Community 1. He emphasised that the registration procedure is uncomplicated and swift, only requiring a Ghana card; and is offered to users at no cost.

It’s important to note that GhIPSS, along with its banking partners, has been conducting registration drives across the country to bring the public onto the GhanaPay Mobile Money platform. The current initiative focuses specifically on Tema and its surrounding areas.

GhanaPay Mobile Money empowers users to effortlessly transfer funds across diverse mobile money networks and bank accounts. Moreover, customers can conduct cash-in and cash-out transactions at their convenience.

Concurrently, GhIPSS is extending an invitation to individuals and enterprises interested in becoming GhanaPay Mobile Money Agents. Prospective agents have the option to either attend the event or liaise with their respective banks to initiate the registration process.

Mr. Darko further highlighted that appealing packages await those interested in becoming GhanaPay Mobile Money agents.

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