Adelaide Siaw Agyepong is 2023 Outstanding Female in Entrepreneur Education

Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards

The Chief Executive of American International School (AIS), Mrs. Adelaide Siaw Agyepong, has emerged as the 2023 Outstanding Female in Entrepreneur Education at the just-ended 9th Feminine Ghana Achievement Awards.

The award is in recognition of her immense contribution to quality education in the country.

Receiving the award, Mrs. Siaw Agyepong noted that the recognition is the Lord’s doing because she had never anticipated any such recognition.

“I always say when your time is due for the Lord to bring you out of obscurity, He does it beautifully,” she said thankfully.

She noted that the achievement reflects the AIS community’s collective efforts.

“In the 21st century we have to help students to be analytical thinkers, and we are deliberate in the approach because we want to make them problem-solvers,” she stressed.

“I want to encourage young female entrepreneurs to forge on and not relent; they should have faith in whatever they are engaged in, and one day they will be recognised,” the multiple award-winning CEO encouraged young entrepreneurs.

The 9th Ghana Female Achievement Awards aim at identifying and publicising role-models whose accomplishments will encourage and inspire women in general to similarly conduct their activities and behaviour in exemplary fashion.

The awards seek to publicly recognise women in Ghana who have achieved outstanding accomplishments in various forms of endeavour across both the public and private sectors: such as entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate executives, public institution managers, diplomats, sportswomen and traditional rulers.

The Ghana Female Achievement Awards are the first, and therefore the oldest, pioneering scheme that has specifically aimed at recognising the accomplishments of women on the basis of their gender.

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