Poetry Corner: What Is W. A. R.?


War has no WINNERS

War prevents ARBITRATION

War nurtures REBELS


WAR wreaks the worst woes on the weak…and the weakling

WHIPS women into weeping widows…like weeping willows


ABROGATES accords…and abandons agreements

RECONSTRUCTS the wreck into ruins…and rubble



War accepts the invitation

But does not leave without leaving footprints

War arrives in a large contingent

But departs with less men in a regiment


War is not an event

Not even a process

It is birthed from an event

It goes through the process

And evolves into the excesses


War has no shape

Has no form

It begins in any shape

And changes from rage to hate

Till it mutates from any form

Into any shape


War does not choose its victims

Not even its victors

War has no rhythm

It does not even remove the reasons

The rhyme and the reason

That sent the troops into the trenches


War rewards with only spoils

From the toils of the loyal patriots

War is no oasis

For the innocent trapped by the foe

War is no joke

For trained soldiers to lie in wait


War is not a tea party

It has no willing party-cipants

It has only killing obedients

And some willful deviants

War is no friend of peace

War breaks the limbs of many into many pieces

War offers fresh flesh to death for a feast

War is an adversary of peace

This is W. A. R.

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