OmniBSIC Bank forges partnership with Chinese community to drive trade

Daniel Asiedu, Managing Director of OmniBSIC Bank, delivering his address at the 62nd signing ceremony of the treaty of friendship between Ghana and China

OmniBSIC Bank, a leading financial institution in Ghana, has announced its commitment to strengthening collaboration and partnership with China in order to enhance the seamless transaction of businesses and build socio-economic development between the two countries.

The bank’s Managing Director, Daniel Asiedu, made this known during the 62nd signing ceremony of the treaty of friendship between Ghana and China, where he noted that OmniBSIC Bank’s commitment to working closely with China aligns with the broader efforts of the Ghanaian Government to strengthen bilateral ties and attract foreign investment.

Mr. Asiedu emphasised the importance of fostering closer ties with China, highlighting the potential for increased trade and investment opportunities that could be mutually beneficial for both countries.

“OmniBSIC Bank has a very firm association and roots with China. Our sister company, Zoomlion, is well-known for its strategic partnerships in Ghana, Africa and China. We are, therefore, excited to be given this recognition and platform by Ghana-China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA) to deepen our business association with China to promote the socio-economic development of our two nations,” he said.

The commitment to collaboration and partnership with China is in line with OmniBSIC Bank’s strategic vision to expand its global reach and provide enhanced financial services to its customers. The bank aims to leverage China’s economic strength and expertise to facilitate smoother and more efficient trade and financial transactions.

Explaining further, he said: “As a bank, we have a strategic objective, in the spirit of oneness, to establish strong and lasting mutually beneficial relationships with the Chinese community in Ghana. In this regard, we have established a Chinese Representative Desk in the bank to help us bond with Chinese enterprises and cater for your unique banking needs. Furthermore, we have registered as a corporate member of GHACHIFA and intend to do more collaborations with the Chinese community. I am here today with senior officials of OmniBSIC Bank who are eager to engage with you on how we can forge long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships”.

OmniBSIC Bank China
The dignitaries at the 62nd signing ceremony of the treaty of friendship between Ghana and China

The OmniBSIC head also highlighted the bank’s commitment to supporting the growth and development of Ghana’s economy through its partnership with China. He expressed optimism that increased collaboration between the two countries would lead to the creation of new business opportunities and job prospects for the Ghanaian people.

On his part, Chairman of the Ghana-China Friendship Association (GHACHIFA), Anani Demuyakor, said the treaty signifies a significant milestone in the relationship between Ghana and China, solidifying years of friendship and cooperation, and paving the way for further collaboration in various fields.

“Our gathering here is truly a testament to the commitment of both nations toward strengthening bonds of trust, understanding and mutual support. We have witnessed remarkable progress marked by increased trade, investment and cultural exchanges between our two great nations,” he said.

He stressed that the commemoration of the 62nd treaty anniversary of signing the treaty opens new avenues for economic growth, technological advancements and social development, which will undoubtedly bring about lasting benefits for the people of both countries.

“The Ghana-China Friendship Association has played a vital role in fostering this friendship, by promoting dialogue, enhancing cultural understanding, and facilitating exchanges at various levels,” he added.

The event was graced with dignitaries from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, the Ghana-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, the Ghana Immigration Services, members of GHACHIFA, among others. Other highlights for the night included a presentation of an honorary citation, conferred on Mr. Tang Hong, the President of the Ghana Association of Chinese Societies and Ghana-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as goodwill messages shared by supporting partners.

OmniBSIC Bank

OmniBSIC Bank is a fully-fledged universal bank that traces its roots to a merger between the erstwhile OmniBank and Sahel Sahara Bank. The merger was spurned by the banking sector consolidation programme introduced by the Bank of Ghana (BOG) in 2017 through a number of directives, including the increment of the minimum capital requirement for banks.

The union between the two banks is one of the most successful mergers in the financial services industry. It can be described as synergistic since both banks shared similarities in business models, values and customer experience and were both committed to offering exceptional customer service in Ghana’s banking industry.

This milestone was achieved through the collaborative effort of shareholders, directors management, and the staff who showed willingness to embrace change to become bigger and better in the banking industry.

OmniBSIC has reinforced its corporate governance structures and invested in its infrastructure to align with BOG’s corporate governance and other regulatory directives. The bank is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity, transparency and accountability in all operations, thereby creating a reliable framework for clients to conduct their banking activities with us.

With our headquarters at Atlantic Tower, Airport City, and an extensive branch network of 40 across Ghana, OmniBSIC provides a complete range of products, services and digital offerings tailored to the needs of our corporate, SME and individual customers, while supporting the communities in which we operate. In our commitment to creating excellent banking experiences for our customers every day, the bank continues to invest in technology and employee development. All staff are, thus, carefully selected and empowered through comprehensive training programmes.

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