Shaibu Ali gets new African leadership position

Shaibu Ali Leads Insurance Brokers in Africa

Shaibu Ali, Chief Executive Officer of KEK Insurance Brokers Ghana Limited, has been handed leadership of the African Brokers Association as its president. He takes over from Chief Babajide Olantunde-Agbeja of Nigeria.

The election took place st the last African Insurance Organisation conference in Algiers, Algeria. Chief Babajide Olantunde-Agbeja voluntarily stepped down from leadership of the body, noting that it is now on a sound footing and can be left in the capable hands of a new executive.

Olatunde-Agbeja stated that it was his delight to see AIBA nurtured from a weak position in terms of membership strength and resources to a reputable body that many Brokers on the continent are now angling to join. He said though his target was to attract not fewer than 100 members to the Association, his joy is in the renewed enthusiasm of Brokers to join the body.

Other Executive members elected at the meeting were: Mr. Shola Tinubu as Vice Chairman; Mrs. Ekeoma Ezeibe, Secretary; and Mr. Yombo Bammeke, Treasurer. Others for Ex-Officio positions were Nelson Omolo from Kenya, and Lena Adu-Kofi of Safety Insurance Brokers Ghana. Shaibu Alli and Lena Adu-Kofi are heads of leading Insurance Broking companies in Ghana.

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