ECL, GNFS collaborate for comprehensive health & safety training

Enterprise Computing Ltd

Enterprise Computing Ltd. (ECL) has collaborated with the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) for an impactful health and safety training program. Conducted at ECL’s new premises on Aviation Road, Tema, this initiative was geared towards enhanced fire safety awareness and preparedness.

The training featured expert-led presentations covering crucial fire safety protocols, installations familiarisation, and adept emergency responses. Hands-on practical fire drills provided employees with firsthand experience in evacuation procedures and proficient use of fire extinguishing equipment.

ECL’s proactive approach to safety is evident in its commitment to fostering a secure work environment, ensuring the well-being of its workforce. By empowering employees with the knowledge and skills to effectively address potential fire hazards, ECL is setting an admirable example for safety-centric organizational culture.

The collaboration between ECL and GNFS not only elevates safety within ECL’s premises but also empowers employees to champion safety practices in their daily lives. This reflects an unwavering commitment to preparedness, exemplifying a proactive approach to safeguarding employees and promoting a culture of safety. As such collaborations continue, its widespread impact is poised to contribute to a more safety-conscious and vigilant community.

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