Unleashing ICT’s full potential vital in attaining sustainable development – Ama Pomaa

ICT sustainable development agenda.

The deputy-Minister of Communications and Digitalisation, Ama Pomaa Boateng, has stressed the essential role of information communication technology (ICT) in achieving the country’s sustainable development agenda.

“We take a significant step forward by acknowledging that ICT is not merely a tool but an enabler of progress. It is the catalyst that drives inclusive growth, empowers our citizens and paves the way for a prosperous future,” Ms. Pomaa Boateng said during the launch of National ICT Week under the theme ‘Empowering digital transformation for sustainable development’.

“We recognise that the rapid advancements in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have the potential to revolutionise every aspect of our lives and transform our nation’s trajectory toward sustainable development,” she added.

Unparalleled fusion of innovations and opportunities

Highlighting the significance of National ICT Week, scheduled to take place next year, the deputy-minister noted its potential to bring together innovations and opportunities, leveraging technology to overcome barriers and offer unprecedented access to vital services even in the most remote areas of our nation.

“We, therefore, aim to bring together stakeholders from government, private sector, academia and civil society to foster collaboration, innovation, capacity building and knowledge-sharing,” she said.

The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) will, over the course of the Week, organise a range of events, workshops and exhibitions spotlighting impactful ICT initiatives. These initiatives include e-governance solutions, streamlined public service delivery, digital literacy programmes for citizens’ empowerment, and demonstrations of technology-driven sustainable development best practices.

There’ll also be interactive panel discussions wherein experts and thought-leaders share their insights on accelerating the adoption of ICT in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, education and finance.

“These discussions will explore the challenges, opportunities and best strategies for embracing digital solutions to address the nation’s pressing needs,” Ms. Pomaa Boateng stated.

Backbone for ingenuity of Ghanaian innovations

The Director-General of NITA, Richard Okyere-Fosu, said the ICT Week observance will be the backbone for subsequent events and displays of Ghanaian ingenuity and innovations, as the convergence of technology and sustainable development presents the citizenry with an unparalleled opportunity to build a Ghana that is innovative, inclusive and sustainable.

“We genuinely think that harnessing the potential of information and communication technology will help our country move toward sustainable development and creating the necessary awareness on ICT products, and their usage is vital for the country’s development. Today, we come together to celebrate successes in the ICT industry and launch of the maiden National ICT Week – which I hope will draw students to the emerging technologies and trends,” he said. “Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment where ideas, innovations and knowledge can be shared freely, leading to novel solutions for the challenges we face,” he added.

The Executive Director-Institute of ICT Professionals Ghana (IIPGH), David Gowu, described the launch as “a milestone in the advancement of information and communication technology in Ghana”.

He said the National ICT Week’s emphasis on collaboration, policy dialogue and shared insights echoes IIPGH’s mission of building a connected community of ICT professionals dedicated to fostering growth and innovation.

“Let us therefore collectively embrace the immense potential of Information and Communication Technology to drive socio-economic development in Ghana. Let us foster a culture of innovation, wherein every challenge is met with a technological solution and every opportunity is harnessed to transform lives,” he stressed.

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