GCYE CEO honoured at National Youth Achievers and Mentors Awards


The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs (GCYE), Sherif Ghali, has been honoured with the distinguished title of ‘Youth Achiever in Entrepreneurship’ at the just-ended National Youth Achievers and Mentors Awards.

This recognition is a testament to Mr. Ghali’s exceptional contributions to the field of entrepreneurship and his unwavering dedication to fostering youth empowerment.

The event, organised by the National Youth Authority, took place in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital.

The scheme is a merit-based awards initiative which aims to celebrate and honour exceptional young leaders who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in their respective fields. Mr.  Sherif Ghali’s accomplishments within the realm of entrepreneurship have been remarkable, cementing his status as Ghana’s Youth Entrepreneurship Ambassador and true trailblazer in the Ghanaian business landscape.

Upon receiving the award, Mr. Ghali expressed his gratitude and emphasised his continued dedication to empowering the youth through innovative entrepreneurship initiatives.

“This award is not just a recognition of my efforts, but a testament to the incredible potential that resides within the young entrepreneurs of Ghana. I am committed to continuing our work in creating a vibrant ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation and economic prosperity,” he stated.


Over the course of his tenure, Mr. Ghali has orchestrated comprehensive business development training programmes that have positively impacted the lives of more than 3000 young entrepreneurs across Ghana. These initiatives have equipped aspiring business leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex challenges of entrepreneurship.

Also, his commitment to nurturing young talent led to the securing of funding opportunities for over 200 budding entrepreneurs. This has enabled these individuals to transform innovative ideas into sustainable enterprises, contributing to economic growth and job creation.

Mr. Sherif Ghali has been a prominent advocate for youth entrepreneurship development in Ghana. He has not only represented the interests of young entrepreneurs, but has also actively engaged with policy-makers to shape and enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem. His strategic involvement in policy development has paved the way for more supportive and conducive environments for emerging businesses.

To this end, Mr. Ghali’s recognition as a Youth Achiever in Entrepreneurship serves as a source of inspiration for young people across the nation. His passion, dedication and proven track record underscore his remarkable leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to driving positive change through entrepreneurship.

The Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs congratulates Mr. Sherif Ghali on this well-deserved accolade and remains steadfast in its mission to catalyse youth entrepreneurship development across the nation.

About Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs

The Ghana Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs is a leading organisation dedicated to advancing youth entrepreneurship and fostering an environment conducive to business innovation and growth. Through its impactful programmes and initiatives, the chamber empowers young entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and support necessary to succeed in the dynamic business landscape of Ghana. For more information, please visit www.gcyegh.org.

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