SPACO launches Schools and Homes Agricultural Revival Programme

Homes Agricultural Revival Program

Schools and Homes Agricultural Revival Program (SHARP) has been launched at the St. Paul’s Senior High School (SPACO) at Denu in the Volta Region.

The inaugural ceremony of SHARP took place at the school’s premises as part of its 65th anniversary celebrations.

The programme, a flagship project of the Governance Africa Foundation, aims to encourage the youth to embrace agriculture and innovative thinking in addressing unemployment and providing solutions to societal challenges.

The ceremony focused on instilling a sense of industry and entrepreneurship among the youths through agricultural activities, fostering a shift in their approach to industries. The goal is to empower the younger generation with the necessary skills and mindset to contribute to the growth and development of the country.

As part of the event, copies of the 1992 Constitution were distributed to the students, emphasising the core mandate of the Governance Africa Foundation to raise awareness among Ghanaian youths about the importance of the constitution, civic responsibility, empowerment and patriotism.

The ceremony marked the beginning of a collaborative effort between the Governance Africa Foundation and St. Paul’s Senior High School to equip the youth with knowledge and resources to engage in agriculture and make positive contributions to society.

With SHARP as a driving force, it is hoped that young people will become active participants in the transformation of Ghana’s agricultural sector and bring about lasting change in the nation.

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