Nana Walton – a young and passionate Atentebe player


Talents are often described as either innate or inherited. However, for a young and ambitious gentleman in the Bubuashie area of the Accra Metropolitan Area, his musical talent has been a source of inspiration for many youths. From his early years, he developed a deep love for music and joined the music unit of his church, where he inherited his passion from his music-loving parents, who were actively involved in the church choir.

Born on September 28, 2001, Douglas Walton is part of the Walton family, with Rev. Ballad Walton and Mrs. Irene Naana Walton as his parents – all devoted members of the Musama Disco Christo Church. After completing his General Arts education at Tema Methodist Day Senior High, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts Music programme at the University of Education, Winneba.

In 2020, he embarked on his musical journey under the name ‘Nana Walton Ministries’. Recognising the power of music to communicate positivity and spread the gospel and news, he was determined to use his talent to convey cultural values to the next generation and positively impact lives through his music. With a strong educational background and a passion for identifying hidden talent, he saw himself contributing not only to society, but also to his ministry.

However, pursuing his dream wasn’t without challenges. Financial constraints and being new to the music industry made it difficult for him to find musicians and producers to support his ministry. Despite seeking advice and support from various leaders, he decided to invest his own finances, supported by his parents and church, to launch the ministry successfully.

“I showed my plan to some leaders for advice and sought for support to launch the ministry, but could not get; so I decided to invest with the little finance provided by my parents,” he narrated.

Organising the first programme marked the beginning of his annual event, which became a cornerstone in propagating the gospel in his community and university. Collaborating with other musicians and bands allowed him to gain valuable insights and strengthen his ministry’s position. “Working with other bands or musicians has really helped me gain more ideas and knowledge on how to better position my ministry,” he said.

Looking ahead, his vision for the next five years is to take his music global, impacting lives and instilling discipline. He also plans to establish a personal commercial music studio, aiming to train more youths in music production and provide support to upcoming musicians at affordable rates.

One significant challenge faced by many aspiring musicians, including him, is the lack of funds to organise well-planned programmes and record their music. He appeals to the government for support in the form of a 20 to 30 percent loan to entrepreneurs. Moreover, he advocates for a business set-up, where entrepreneurs work for a period, paying the government in instalments, and eventually fully own their businesses after making complete payments.

For aspiring musicians, he advises planning thoroughly and seeking guidance from industry experts to harness their potential fully. Commitment, prayer and a focus on priorities are key ingredients for success in the industry, and he believes that others’ support will follow if they put in the effort. “If you want to succeed in the industry, you need to be committed and pray with a focus on your priority. The effort put in place would encourage others to extend their support to you,” he said.

With a final piece of advice to young entrepreneurs not to wait for the perfect moment but to start now, he shares his contact information for anyone who wishes to connect with him on WhatsApp or through his social media handles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube @nana_walton_nw.

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