Republic Investments introduces Subclass Funds


Republic Investments has introduced Subclass Funds, with a focus on providing stable returns and assured liquidity to investors even in the face of economic challenges.

These funds will concentrate on less volatile asset classes, offering more security and stability. As the financial sector deals with macroeconomic challenges and limited investment options, these strategic measures aim to cater to both short-term and long-term investments.

Madeline NetteysCEO of Republic Investments, emphasised the company’s commitment to securing investments that offer desired returns and security through strategic asset allocation.

She mentioned the launch of Republic Unit Trust Fund Subclass (SC), Republic Wealth Trust Fund SC, and the upcoming Republic Real Estate Fund SC. These funds are positioned to invest in less volatile asset classes, ensuring liquidity and stable returns for investors.

“We assure investors that they have access to their funds whenever they want it, backed by these new asset classes,” said Ms. Nettey.

She further highlighted the exploration of opportunities in short-term investments, real sector investments, private equity, corporate bonds and notes for blue-chip companies, adding that thorough due diligence is being conducted to ensure desired returns and fund security.

Republic Investments, she said, encourages investors to explore opportunities presented by Subclass Funds, as economic recovery in the 2023 outlook is expected to drive market activity and provide growth opportunities.

Regarding the recent second round of the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme (DDEP), Ms. Nettey assured investors that Republic Investments’ funds are not impacted as they are not exposed to it. She encouraged investors to invest wisely in securities that align with their goals and offer growth potential.

The Republic Equity Trust, Future Plan, Republic REIT, Republic Unit Trust and Republic Wealth Trust – all managed by Republic Investments, have reported their performance in 2022. The Republic Equity Trust reported a return of 3.99 percent, while Future Plan delivered a 5.10 percent return.

Republic REIT faced challenges but remains optimistic about real estate opportunities. Republic Unit Trust recorded a 6.58 percent return and aims to diversify into short-term money market instruments. Republic Wealth Trust achieved significant growth and will focus on diversification and risk reduction.

With a positive outlook for 2023, investing with a clear objective and leveraging the expertise of fund managers can help investors achieve their desired outcomes in the ever-changing financial landscape.

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