Safeguarding livelihoods

Kowri empowers street traders and businesses with complimentary free insurance coverage

In an endeavour to empower and uplift the African middle class, a leading digital finance platform, Kowri, is taking significant steps to enhance the lives of street traders and businesses. With a core mission of making financial services more accessible, Kowri extends a helping hand to those facing the daily challenges and risks of their professions. Recognising the vulnerable position of street traders, especially the hardworking women navigating congested streets, Kowri offers free insurance coverage to provide them with a safety net against potential risks. This initiative demonstrates Kowri’s commitment to taking tangible actions that significantly improve the lives of these entrepreneurs.

Beyond individual protection, Kowri also extends insurance coverage to businesses using its platform to receive payments. This comprehensive insurance, underwritten by Star Assurance, safeguards valuable inventory against natural disasters and public liability, with an initial coverage of up to GH¢50,000 per business. Kowri aims to enable the long-term resilience and continuity of these enterprises, making insurance a regular practice for businesses. Charles Kollo, Kowri’s Chief Marketing Officer, emphasises the brand’s unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive economy. He believes that protection against unforeseen challenges is essential for thriving in a vibrant economy and supporting the African middle class.

This initiative carries immense significance, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, where insurance penetration is as low as 1 percent. By providing accessible and comprehensive insurance solutions, Kowri is actively transforming this landscape and elevating financial security for individuals and businesses alike.

Kowri’s dedication to creating positive social impact, along with innovative finance solutions, has earned widespread acclaim. Empowering street traders and businesses with free insurance coverage fortifies the financial ecosystem and solidifies Kowri as a brand that genuinely understands and supports the diverse needs of its customers.

The brand’s unwavering commitment to empowering the African middle class is evident as they tirelessly strive to improve livelihoods and offer strong financial protection. With each step, Kowri is resolutely shaping the future of finance in Africa, making a lasting impact on individuals, street traders, and businesses alike.

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