Gulf Technologies introduces Afrobit to fund development


Gulf Technologies Systems (GTS), a leading Israeli technology company, is set to launch ‘Afrobit’, a special cryptocurrency to fund development projects in Africa

President of GTS, Samuel Shay, expressed that the introduction of African Development Cryptocurrency (ABDC) by his entity which seeks to support sustainable development and economic growth in Africa, is a groundbreaking initiative, with a special focus on sectors such as education, renewable energy, healthcare, infrastructure, water and sanitation, agriculture and agro-industry, and fintech.

He mentioned that in a few days’ time, Afrobit will be live on the Bianca Grade platform as part of its testing and pre-sale process, after which GTS and Mr. Shay will then conduct a 30-day pre-sale program for all potential buyers of Afrobit.

“On September 7, 2023, Afrobit (ABDC) will be launched officially, ushering in a new era of sustainable development and economic growth initiatives in Africa,” he said.

Afrobit ABDC

Afrobit (ABDC) as a digital currency, was built on a decentralized blockchain platform, leveraging the power of technology to facilitate investments in key sectors across the African continent.

It serves as a financial tool that enables individuals, businesses, and organizations to invest in African projects that have the potential to drive sustainable development. The main objective of Afrobit is to foster financial inclusion, empower communities, and unlock Africa’s economic potential.

Mr. Shay stressed that by investing in Afrobit, individuals become active contributors to Africa’s growth story, promoting social progress, environmental sustainability, and economic independence.

“Through Afrobit, investors can diversify their portfolios, support impactful projects, and potentially benefit from the economic growth and returns generated by these investments,” he reiterated.

Transparency and Security

The platform provides a transparent, secure, and efficient platform for investment, powered by blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, traceability, and accountability.

It’s more than just a digital currency, it represents a movement towards a brighter future for Africa, where economic development is coupled with social empowerment and environmental stewardship.

By embracing Afrobit, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to be a part of Africa’s transformation and contribute to building a prosperous and sustainable continent. Together, with the collective efforts of investors, partners, and communities, Afrobit aims to create a positive and lasting impact on Africa’s economic growth, social well-being, and environmental sustainability.

Financial Inclusion

Afrobit is described as an effective tool to promote financial inclusion by providing investment opportunities to individuals and businesses across Africa. By choosing Afrobit, you are supporting a platform that enables access to investment options, regardless of geographical location or financial background. This inclusivity empowers a broader range of individuals to participate in Africa’s economic growth.

Impactful Project Funding:

Afrobit investments directly fund impactful projects in Africa. These projects span critical sectors such as agriculture, renewable energy, education, healthcare, infrastructure, and more. By supporting these projects, you contribute to job creation, social welfare, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment, making a tangible difference in the lives of communities across Africa.

 Potential for Growth and Returns:

Investing in Afrobit offers the potential for growth and attractive returns. As Africa’s economies continue to expand, opportunities for profitable investments emerge. By choosing Afrobit, one positions itself to benefit from the continent’s economic progress and the positive impact generated by funded projects. This potential for growth adds value to your investment portfolio.

Choosing the Afrobit token demonstrates one’s commitment to Africa’s development and economic progress. By investing in Afrobit, you support financial inclusion, transparent and secure transactions, impactful project funding, and the potential for growth and returns. Join the movement and be a part of driving positive change in Africa through Afrobit.

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