Start Right Youth seminar to equip youth with knowledge about investment opportunities


The Start Right Youth Seminar is an initiative that seeks to equip young Ghanaians with knowledge and inspiration about various issues that affect them. The seminar will feature a series of talks and workshops by achievers in various fields, who will share their experiences and insights with the youth.

The Start Right Youth Seminar is organised by MYO – a non-profit organisation that works to empower young people in Ghana, in partnership with YFM – the leading youth radio station in Ghana.

The Start Right Youth Seminar will be held on August 2, 2023 at Accra Technical University at 2pm. The theme of the seminar is ‘Investment Opportunities for the Youth: Success Stories, Potentials and Risks’.

The seminar will feature a number of panelists, including John Dumelo, an entrepreneur; Bubune Sorkpor, Chief Investment Officer MIIF; Felix Della Horsu, Insurance and Investment Specialist; Kobby Kyei, Blogger; Prof. Douglas Boateng, Founding Chairman – MYO Global; with Hon. Pius Hadzide, CEO of National Youth Authority as the Keynote Speaker while Cassandra, Host of Money Hub on YFM, will be Moderator.

The speakers will discuss the various investment opportunities available to young people in Ghana, as well as the potential risks and challenges involved. They will also share their own success stories and insights to inspire the youths to pursue their dreams.

Quotes from the organisers

“We are excited to launch the Start Right Youth Seminar,” said Osei Kuffuor, Head of YFM Triangle. “This is a great opportunity for young people to learn from some of the most successful people in Ghana. We hope that the seminar will inspire them to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.”

“Embrace the power of knowledge and vision, young minds. As you step into the world of investment, remember that opportunities are born from a foundation of understanding,’’ said the Founding Chairman of MYO, Prof. Douglas Boateng.

“Equip yourselves with the wisdom to navigate the intricacies of the financial landscape. Embrace the challenges, for they are the gateways to growth. Embody the spirit of innovation, always seeking ways to create value and impact. Your journey begins with learning, but your impact will be defined by action.

“Embrace this investment seminar as a catalyst for your future success; for it holds the key to unlocking your financial potential. Seize the knowledge, forge connections, and dare to dream. The world awaits your transformative contributions. Go forth and invest in your brightest future!”

About MYO

MYO is a non-profit organisation that works to empower young people in Ghana. The organisation’s mission is to “create a world where every young person has the opportunity to reach their full potential”. MYO works to achieve this mission through a variety of programmes, including education, mentorship and entrepreneurship training.

About YFM

YFM is the leading youth radio station in Ghana. The station broadcasts a variety of programmes that appeal to young people, including music, news and talk shows. YFM is committed to providing young people with information and entertainment that is relevant to their lives.

Register for the Start Right Youth Seminar

The Start Right Youth Seminar is a free event and it is open to all young people in Ghana. To register for the seminar, please visit the MYO website and

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