Poetry Corner: The Grand Disguise 



It was the most incredible idea

When he had said

“There were times I felt like being

A being

Other than what I am

When I felt like being a woman


When she had said

There were times I felt like being

Another being

Being a man

To be muscular

To be bigger

A star!

To be the greatest pretender

Oh if only I were a man!


There were times when he thought

To pick seed

A fertilised seed

To receive

To conceive


There were times when she planned

To plant sperms

To fertilise an egg

From her loins

To impregnate


Those times they tried

But those were times of surrogacy

The closest to a veritable expectantcy

Were they the greatest impostors?


Some wonder…

This is crazy

How can a man manage as a woman

When he would choose

To wear a bra

How can a woman be in a man’s shoes

To trans a gender?

That easy

So easily!


Some say…

It’s about who you believe you are

All you have to do

Is to go out there and be you

To make your dream come true

You don’t have to do anything to please the few

Be what you are


We know…

People believe what they see

They may take you for a man

Or may think you are a woman

Unless they see a man in a woman’s clothing

Just like a woman in a man’s clothing


We know…

People believe what they see

There would be times to take a man for a woman

To be the greatest impostor

And the audience will believe what they see

Queer, don’t you see?


They quizz…

How many wrongs can blind a man’s sight?

When a man comes to be a woman

Then a woman comes to be a man

Two wrongs that do not make a single human

Nor a trans-human’s right


We know…

No audience is forever gullible


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