NCA introduces technology neutrality


The National Communications Authority (NCA) has taken a significant step towards correcting the market imbalances and boosting consumer choice in the telecommunications sector with the introduction of technology neutrality for non-Significant Market Power (SMP) operators.

Technology neutrality is one of the remedies to address Significant Market Power (SMP) concerns. It aims at creating a level playing field and stimulating investment in infrastructure for the deployment of 4G networks by the non-SMP operators

This initiative will grant Vodafone and AT the authorisation to re-farm their spectrum assignment in the 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 2100MHz bands to provide 4G services, subject to paying an annual premium.

Technology neutrality is one of the remedial actions to address Significant Market Power (SMP) concerns.

The benefits of Technology Neutrality include the opportunity for operators who do not currently have 4G services to deploy it within their current spectrum assignment, levelling the playing field and enhancing their competitiveness, the option for non-SMP operators with 4G services to re-farm portions of their current spectrum assignment to improve the quality of their 4G services, enhanced consumer choice for 4G services.


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