Watch Out for Aviation Blues


Captain Victor Kwesi Amoah, an Aviation enthusiast, and motivator navigates us through the enviable history of global aviation.

Stay tuned to await the enviable, and viable history of the multi-trillion dollar aviation industry.

This is to thrill you as a kicker to the history of the industry starting from August to December 2023.

Do you know that global aviation industry will be 120 years in December 2023?

Have you heard of the Wright Brothers? Who were they, and what is their influence on aviation?

How did it all begin? When did Ghana aviation announce her inclusion in the 120 years of the journey of aviation?

Does Ghana have aviation pioneers, veterans, and innovators who have set an indelible mark to be celebrated?

How far have we come in terms of safety, and business viability?

What is the future of global aviation beyond the birthday?

These and many more questions will be answered when our aviation enthusiast and motivator to children and the youth rolls out his weekly features starting Monday 7th August, 2023, and every Monday in this column of BFT

Captain Victor Kwesi Amoah, aka (Kilo Alpha) will navigate us through the Genesis, twists, and turns of the journey of aviation that culminated in the multi-trillion dollar industry we experience today.

He also has some anniversary package for us.

Stay tuned, and keep reading the B&FT

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