People Building Institute to empower youth for sustainable development


The People Building Institute (PBI) an organisation established to guide and nurture young executives and business owners to be skilled experts and ethical leaders, is set to launch for the empowerment of the youth for sustainable development.

With the deployment of special tools such as offering mentor-mentee programmes, practical workshops, and networking opportunities, PBI aims to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs and the resources the youth need to succeed.

Co-Founder, Stephen Dotse, speaking ahead of the launch explained that PBI’s mission is to nurture young executives and business owners, providing them with the necessary tools, guidance, and mentorship to excel in their respective careers and create impactful ventures.

“PBI is proud to announce its official launch as a dynamic organization committed to empowering youth for sustainable development. With a focus on fostering entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth, PBI aims to unleash the potential of young individuals and drive positive change in communities.

At the heart of PBI’s approach is a dedication to fostering a strong mindset, building character, and nurturing leadership skills. By empowering young individuals with knowledge, skills, and support, PBI believes they can become agents of change and contribute to sustainable development across various sectors,” he said.

His Co-Founding partner of PBI, Elinam Ablah, on her part,said: “We are thrilled to launch The People Building Institute and embark on this transformative journey with the youth. Our vision is to create a platform where young individuals can thrive, access mentorship, and acquire the necessary skills to build successful businesses and make a positive impact in their communities.”

She emphasized that PBI is committed to collaborations and partnerships to maximize its impact. It actively seeks allianceswith organizations, institutions, and industry experts who share its vision of youth empowerment and sustainable development.

The official launch of PBI is slated for Saturday 15th July 2023, at the Alisa Hotel Ridge-Accra.

PBI is founded on the basis of the dominos effect of impact, where impact is transferred to others by a series of deliberate and consistent activities.

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