Wheel of Life Series with Lady Sam: Confidence in public speaking


I had a public speaking programme on Saturday, 8th July, 2023 and it was a great experience enjoyed by all who participated.

The theme was building confidence in public speaking. The truth is that whether informally or formally, virtually or in-person, there is an expectation of individuals, particularly those who are in a profession, to be able to speak in public.

A fear of speaking in public can no longer be seen as a justification not to talk in front of a live audience when the need arises. If you are the one that possesses information that is needed at a given time, then you need to be able to deliver.

I have come across clients, most recently in my life coaching sessions, who seemingly are at a crossroads in their lives; but when you unpeel the onions, you find that the root cause of their dilemma has more to do with their lack of confidence rather than their capability.

The knowledge is there but the confidence isn’t; some of them have a fear of expressing themselves in front of others, and this is exactly what the workshop sought to address.  Speaking confidently in public does not come naturally to a lot of people, some people need to be coached in this area. The general rule for public speaking is to ensure that you practise, rehearse and go over your talking points while being confident in the fact that you have the information. To find out more on public speaking sessions, contact @ladysamgh on Instagram.

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