NyoNyo Essentials launches The Business of Catering Immersion Day


In a remarkable display of entrepreneurial acumen and passion for culinary arts, NyoNyo Essentials recently launched the first edition of The Business of Catering by NyoNyo Immersion Programme.

Designed to inspire and empower emerging entrepreneurs in the food industry, The Business of Catering by NyoNyo Immersion Day – with its theme ‘Ignite Your Culinary Business Spirit’ – left a lasting impact on its participants while redefining the landscape of culinary business education.

TBC by NyoNyo was launched in March 2023 as the community-focused and social responsibility arm of NyoNyo Essentials Ltd. The initiative’s focus is to build a collective of food entrepreneurs and enthusiasts into the food and beverage ecosystem to ensure there are no gaps in growing small businesses into the industry.

The TBC Immersion Day, which took place on June 24, 2023, was an immersive day tour that offered 11 participating Fellows an in-depth understanding of the culinary industry, covering the chain of supply in food and beverage management – from farm-to-kitchen to business management and customer experience.

The Immersion Day which partnered key players in the industry – including Shaq Express, FON Ltd., Royal GreenFields Ltd., Carmensita Ltd., MenuFinder Africa and Sidiq AgriFirm – gave the participating fellows invaluable guidance and real-world insights to elevate their journey as aspiring entrepreneurs.

Remarking on the success of this first edition, the CEO of NyoNyo Essentials, Chichi Yakubu, said: “This has been a passion project brewing for a while, and its evolution into a fully executed programme has been an exciting road so far. I believe this programme has the potential to ensure aspiring food entrepreneurs understand the important connected lines that make every business in the industry successful”.

Chichi Yakubu further noted that the programme was created to not only impart business acumen, but also foster a strong sense of community among participants.

By bringing together individuals with a shared passion for food and entrepreneurship, the TBC by NyoNyo Programme hopes to extend its reach to encourage continuous collaboration, networking and the exchange of ideas. Through unwavering commitment and an innovative approach, TBC by NyoNyo has not only carved a niche for itself in the industry, but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring culinary entrepreneurs.

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