Australian High Commission funds solar-powered water project in Zagyuri


Lack of access to clean and safe water continues to be a pressing issue in many communities across Ghana, resulting in waterborne diseases and adverse living conditions.

However, a positive change has come to the Zagyuri community in the Sagnerigu municipality of the Northern Region – thanks to the inauguration of a sustainable solar-powered water supply system.

The Australian High Commission in Ghana provided funding for the 30,000-litre solar-powered water system, which was implemented by Fix That Pump – a sustainable water and community development organisation. The initiative aims to alleviate the water crisis faced by residents of Zagyuri and nearby communities, enabling them to access clean and potable water for both domestic and commercial use.

Since installation of the water project began in January 2023, it has brought transformative benefits to the lives of over 15,000 residents in Zagyuri. By utilising solar panels strategically placed to capture maximum sunlight, the system generates clean energy that powers pumping and distribution of water to the 30,000-litre water storage tanks.

The impact of this innovative project extends beyond water provision. Improved sanitation and hygiene conditions resulting from the project are expected to enhance school attendance rates, as students will no longer need to spend hours searching for water. The increased availability of clean water will also contribute to the community’s overall well-being and health.

Madam Anita Anala, representing the Municipal Chief Executive of Sagnarigu Municipal Assembly and Head of the Kanvilli Zonal Council, expressed confidence in the project’s ability to curtail waterborne diseases, improve health outcomes and enhance the community’s well-being.

Cindy Apania, Manager of Fix That Pump, emphasised the significance of providing access to clean water, stating: “Water is life, and bringing something that represents life to the people is nothing short of impactful and fulfilling to me and the team”.

Furthermore, the project is expected to empower women in the community by allowing them to allocate more time to their businesses instead of searching for water. The solar water pumping system also plays a pivotal role in enhancing educational opportunities for the youth of Zagyuri, eliminating obstacles caused by lack of proper sanitation facilities. By providing clean water, the project inspires students to attend school regularly.

Residents of the Zagyuri community, like Clemencia Thomas, view the project as a symbol of hope. They believe that its positive impact will extend to socio-economic conditions of the community, bringing about a brighter and healthier future.

Fix That Pump remains committed to its mission of ensuring access to clean and safe water for all, continuously seeking innovative solutions to achieve this goal.

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