African Asset Finance Company launches EASE Healthcare

The EASE® Ghana team with Mr. Frans VanSchaik (2nd from left), CEO of AAFC and Mr. Imraan Soomra (3rd from right), COO of AAFC

The African Asset Finance Company (AAFC) has launched its local subsidiary in Ghana, marking the introduction of its Equipment-as-a-Service (EASE®) Healthcare in the country. The event celebrated the installation of a CT Scanner, a diagnostic medical equipment provided by EASE® Ghana at the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital in Accra.

EASE® Ghana aims to address the pressing issue of inadequate and non-functional medical equipment, which poses a significant barrier to quality healthcare in Ghana. Through the innovative pay-per-use model, EASE® purchases the necessary equipment and places it directly in health providers’ facilities. The generated cash flows from equipment usage cover the payment for its use, eliminating the need for customers to rely on equity or bank loans.

This approach allows healthcare providers to record equipment costs as operating expenditures, offering sustainable and flexible alternative healthcare delivery and financing. EASE® serves qualifying healthcare providers looking to replace obsolete or non-functioning equipment or establish new facilities, enabling them to expand their service offerings.

Currently, EASE® Ghana specialises in providing diagnostic radiology equipment, including MRI scanners, CT scanners, Mammography equipment, X-rays, Ultrasound scanners, and fluoroscopy machines. EASE® plans to extend its services to include other types of medical equipment and broaden its reach to the ICT and Agriculture sectors.

The success of EASE® is built on strong partnerships with renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Siemens Healthineers, GE, and Fuji. These partnerships ensure that customers receive top-tier equipment tailored to their specific needs.

EASE® goes beyond equipment provision by offering an all-inclusive service package, which includes maintenance, operator training, and ongoing support. These services are delivered through collaborations with reputable local service partners, guaranteeing optimal equipment performance and reliability.

By collaborating with the Ministries of Health and Finance, AAFC aims to extend the EASE® service to public sector hospitals, ensuring widespread access to advanced medical equipment without substantial capital expenses.

Dr. Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, Managing Director, EASE® Ghana speaking at the event

At the event, Dr. Kanyinsola Oyeyinka, Managing Director of EASE Ghana and Vice President of Healthcare, AAFC expressed pride in introducing EASE® to Ghana. She highlighted the partnership with FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital, which enables quality healthcare without substantial upfront costs. AAFC, she explained looks forward to expanding its services to public and private healthcare facilities, reducing financial burdens associated with equipment acquisition.

Frans VanSchaik, CEO of AAFC, highlighted the need for innovative healthcare financing. He stated that AAFC plans to install US$75 million worth of equipment in Ghana in an economically sustainable way.

Yoofi Grant, CEO of Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC), praised EASE® Ghana’s tailored solution for the African market. He expressed the GIPC’s commitment to supporting the replication of this successful model across the country.

African Asset Finance Company (AAFC):

AAFC is a leading provider of Equipment-as-a-Service (EASE®) solutions across various industries, including healthcare, ICT, and agriculture. The company’s mission is to improve access to modern equipment, lower costs, and promote sustainable development.

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