207 new engineering professionals inducted into GhIE

GhIE engineering professionals

The Ghana Institution of Engineering (GhIE) has inducted 207 new engineering professionals into the institution at its 38th induction ceremony, held at the Engineers Centre in Accra

The Chairman of the Membership Committee of GhIE, Ing. Dr. Patrick A. Bokoe, presented 207 inductees, consisting of 202 professional engineers (PE), 4 professional engineering technologists (PET) and 1 engineering technician (ET). The inductees were from the four (4) technical divisions of GhIE. 23 practitioners were inducted in the Chemical/Mining Technical division, Civil Technical division were 70 inductees, Mechanical Technical division were 47 while the Electrical/Electronic Technical division inducted 67.

Inducting the new engineering professionals, the President of GhIE, Ing. Kwabena Bempong, urged the newly inducted engineering professionals to uphold the tenets of the institution and jealously guard its professional attributes.

“Be ambassadors for ethical, quality, knowledge-based and environmentally sensitive engineering. Let your engineering shine so that all who may see you will honour your mother institution, the GhIE,” Ing. President Kwabena Bempong admonished.

He cautioned that if a member decides to act contrary to the code of ethics and brings the name of the institution into disrepute, the Professional Practice and Ethics Committee are ready to sit on their case, and if it is deemed criminal according to the laws of the land, then the institution will give you up for appropriate punishment.

He charged the newly inducted engineering professionals to get involved in their technical divisions, branch activities and the activities of the professional body – GhIE, which is responsible for the certification of engineering practitioners in the country.

Ing. Bempong hinted that as part of their strategic plan for the year, the institution wants to a create focus group of experts and experienced engineers who would provide consultative documents as a basis for position papers on various engineering issues. As an advocacy group, these position papers would be communicated to shape public policy.

Giving a word of advice, as the GhIE custom demands of Immediate Past Presidents (IPPs), Ing. Rev. Prof. Charles Anum, the IPP of GhIE, shared three (3) important pieces of advice to the newly inducted engineering professionals. Firstly, he said the new engineering professionals should make sure to follow the code of ethics, avoid corrupt practices and be guided by integrity.

Secondly, he admonished them to maintain competence and relevance, and learn the principles and how they are applied. He told them not to rely only on what they have learnt, but to make use of the Internet to learn new ideas from their peers and other engineers elsewhere. Finally, he advised the new engineers to develop social and interpersonal skills so that they can remain relevant to national discourse.

In his closing remarks, the Executive Director of GhIE, Ing. David Kwatia Nyante, said: “The GhIE is more than just a professional organisation; it is a platform for Ghanaian engineering practitioners to express their goals and interests. By actively participating in its activities, committees, and decision-making processes, you can help influence the institution’s direction, enhance its relevance, and safeguard the professional interests of your fellow engineering practitioners. Your participation in the development of the GhIE is also an investment in your professional growth. By interacting with the institution, you gain access to a vast network of like-minded individuals, specialists, and leaders in numerous engineering fields.

Awards were given to four (4) inductees who distinguished themselves during their examinations. They were: Ing. Amadu Hakeem (PE-GhIE) from the Civil Technical division, Ing. Emmanuel Appiah (PE-GhIE) from the Chemical/Mining Technical division, Ing. Augustus Fiifi Moses (PE-GhIE) from the Electrical/Electronic Technical division, and Ing. Dr. Glenn Kwabena Gyimah (PE-GhIE) from the Mechanical/Agric/Marine Technical division.

The induction ceremony was attended by the Vice President of GhIE, Ing. Mrs. Sophia Tijani, council members, past presidents of GhIE, Justice Paul Baffoe Bonnie – Justice of the Supreme Court, among others.

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