Cassava Network to partner leading companies to nurture Web3 adoption

Mouloukou Sanoh, Co-founder of Cassava Network

Cassava Network, a leading blockchain infrastructure company in Africa, is set to partner other leading companies in the country to foster Web3 adoption through marketing campaigns and other initiatives.

The move forms part of joint strides to connect Africa to the global crypto market and vice versa. The primary focus is to foster Web3 adoption across the continent through partnerships with leading companies.

“We certainly have plans for Ghana. It is just an hour away from Nigeria, so our current team can handle operations there. We will host events and form partnerships with local companies for marketing campaigns and other activations. Additionally, we will recruit student ambassadors in Ghana, replicating our successful model from other countries,” Co-founder of Cassava Network, Mouloukou Sanoh, said.

The partnership approach, he explains, will provide the grounds to launch innovative products that facilitate the transition from Web2 to Web3, with every step redefining what is possible in this digital era and paving the way for a more interconnected and technologically empowered Africa.

Mr. Sanoh noted that the growing interest in blockchain and Web3 development in Africa has led to the emergence of many start-ups with innovative projects that create jobs and improve living standards.

Commenting on the importance of blockchain and Web3, he said companies can utilise them to innovate, democratise, and improve the efficiency of financial services, helping to make people’s daily lives easier. Web3 encompasses blockchain, cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), which together, represent a significant opportunity for Africa.

On the potentials of blockchain and Web3 in Ghana, he explained that: “The trends we observe are largely consistent across the African continent. The focus is mainly on enhancing financial services, including remittances and payments. However, another significant area is real estate. For instance, real estate can be tokenised, which allows people who traditionally cannot afford a mortgage or lack the funds for direct investment in real estate to pool their resources and purchase a building together. With the right strategic approach, blockchain could serve as a cornerstone for Ghana’s digital revolution”.

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