JIK Management Consultancy Services boss receives special award


The Chief Executive officer of JIK Management Consultancy Services and Council Member for Canada Ghana Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Ishmael Kodzokpo MBA, CMC, MIoD, has received a special recognition—the “HESS EXEMPLARY LEADERSHIP AWARD”  

Mr. Ishmael Kodzokpo MBA, CMC, MIoD, who is the CEO for JIK Management Consulting for the past 8 Years, has worked with many businesses in Ghana and across Africa to implement safety management system and structures that improves occupational health and safety for business compliance, employee safety and training over the past decades.

Mr. Ishmael Kodzokpo for the year under review is being recognized for his outstanding contribution and exceptional leadership in promoting best health, environment safety and security management practices across all industries. His exemplary leadership has brought a lot of impact to businesses and the nation.


5th edition of health, environment, safety & security awards (HESS) 2023

The HESS AWARDS is an initiative aimed at identifying and publicly recognizing and celebrating companies, teams and individuals for their exceptional performance and innovation focused on occupational health, the environment and employee and stakeholder’s safety and security. The awards celebrate companies, teams and individuals who have been successful in the course of the year under review in managing the risk of workplace development and their health, safety, security and environment performance besides doing ethical business. Ultimately, HESS Awards is aimed at creating the awareness, raising the bar of excellence and showcasing success, thereby encouraging others to adopt best HSSE management practices, striving for continues improvement and excellence within their organizations.


The HESS Awards is organized and hosted by Ianmatsun Global Services ltd in partnership with Hegemony Consult a leading Research Company in Ghana.

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