Positioning PR women for professional growth and excellence – a feminist perspective


All is set for the 7th Women in PR Ghana Summit 2023 and the theme for the year is ‘Positioning PR Women for Professional Growth and Excellence’. As a member of Women in PR and a feminist, here is my take on this year’s theme.

The role of women in the public relations (PR) industry has evolved significantly over the years, breaking barriers and reshaping the profession. As we prepare to gather at ‘The Fitzgerald’ for the 2023 Women in PR Ghana Summit, it is essential to reflect on the journey of PR women and explore ways to empower and position ourselves for continued professional growth and excellence.

This article aims to provide a feminist perspective on this theme, highlighting the challenges faced by women in PR and presenting examples of successful women who have defied gender norms to excel in the industry.

Breaking the glass ceiling

One of the significant challenges faced by women in PR is breaking through the glass ceiling, a metaphorical barrier that prevents them from reaching top leadership positions. However, many inspiring women have shattered this barrier through their determination, skill and resilience.

For instance, PR women like Shirley Tony Kum, Sophia Kudjordji, Praise Nutakor, Cynthia Ofori Dwumfuo, Veronica Ofosuhemaa Owusu-Ansah, Joyce Ahiadorme, Afia Drah, Mina Okuru, Josephine Appiah-Nyamekye Sanny, and Akosua Kwafo Ogyiri have successfully climbed the corporate ladder and have gained recognition as the top ten women in PR. Their achievements serve as exemplary models, inspiring other PR women to strive for top-level positions and illustrating that gender should never be a hindrance to professional growth.

Advocating for gender equality

Feminism has played a crucial role in empowering women and promoting gender equality in the workplace. Women in PR Ghana have come together to advocate for equal opportunities, fair pay, and inclusive practices.

Emma Wenani, the Chief Director at Global Media Alliance (GMA), has used her platform to mentor not only women in her team at GMA, but also countless other aspiring young professionals through the PR teams mentorship programmes. These initiatives not only provide guidance and support, but also encourages the next generation of PR women to excel and challenge gender norms.

Creating supportive networks

Building strong networks is essential for professional growth and success. Women in PR Ghana have recognised the power of collaboration and have established supportive networks to uplift and empower one another. Women in PR Ghana has organised several networking events that brings together women from various sectors to share insights, experiences and opportunities. These networks provide a platform for women to leverage their collective knowledge, skills and resources, fostering an environment conducive to growth and excellence.

Balancing work and family

Achieving work-life balance remains a critical concern for women in PR. Many face the challenge of managing demanding work schedules while fulfilling familial responsibilities. Organisations should promote flexible work arrangements and create family-friendly policies that allow women to thrive professionally without compromising their personal lives. Sharing success stories of PR women who have successfully balanced their careers and families on Women in PR events have served as a source of motivation and encouragement.

Pay equity and recognition

Equal pay for equal work is an ongoing issue faced by women across various industries, including PR. Addressing pay disparities and advocating for fair compensation is a fundamental aspect of feminist positioning in the workplace. Women in PR Ghana have provided a platform for initiating discussions on pay equity, negotiating skills, and strategies to ensure that PR women are adequately recognised and rewarded for their contributions.

Positioning PR women for professional growth and excellence requires a multi-faceted approach that incorporates feminist principles and practices. By challenging gender biases, promoting leadership and mentorship, supporting work-life balance, advocating for pay equity, and embracing intersectionality, we can create a more inclusive and empowering environment for women in PR.

The 2023 Women in PR Ghana Summit provides an ideal platform to drive these conversations and inspire action, fostering a future where women in PR can thrive and excel. Join us for this year’s summit virtually on Zoom and Facebook, and in-person at The Fitzgerald Cantoments on the 7th and 8th July respectively.

>>>the writer is PR Manager, Global Media Alliance Broadcasting Company (GMABC)

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