OpenLabs launches Annual Scholarship


OpenLabs (formerly NIIT), a leading tech education institution, has  commenced  its highly anticipated annual scholarship promotion. This year’s initiative which is aimed at promoting gender diversity in the tech industry, offers partial scholarships to students interested in acquiring essential tech skills.

OpenLabs recognizes the undeniable influence of technology in our daily lives and firmly believes that mastering tech skills at every stage is indispensable. The annual scholarship promotion, held every year between June and October, is open to all individuals. However, particular emphasis is placed on recent graduates of Junior High School (JHS) and Senior High School (SHS). These graduates often have a free gap of about two months after completing their exams before embarking on their next educational journey, creating a unique opportunity to engage in tech-focused learning.

This year, OpenLabs takes immense pride in presenting the scholarship promotion under the theme “Promoting Gender Diversity in Tech Education.” This thematic focus aims to inspire and attract young women, empowering them to embrace the vast possibilities within the tech space. OpenLabs has long been dedicated to advocating for increased representation of women in the tech industry, and this year’s scholarship promotion underscores their unwavering commitment to the cause.

The scholarship selection process involves a comprehensive test based on general knowledge. The level of discount offered is determined by the candidate’s performance in the test. Successful applicants can receive up to a 70% discount on selected programs, with special consideration given to female candidates.

“We are excited to launch this year’s scholarship promotion, focusing on promoting gender diversity in tech education,” said Dr. Sujith Jayaprakash, the director of OpenLabs. “At OpenLabs, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all individuals to excel in the field of technology. By encouraging more young women to join the tech space, we aim to foster an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives thrive.”

OpenLabs invites all JHS and SHS graduates, as well as interested individuals, to apply for the annual scholarship promotion.

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