Fight against climate change lacks political will


The inability of authorities to implement climate mitigation measures and fight against environmental degradation results from a lack of political and financial will, a senior law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Law School, John Darko, has said.

He made this statement at the just-ended Environmental Sustainability Summit 2023, organised by B&FT under the theme ‘Climate change and its impact on food systems and sustainable environment’.

Mr. Darko also noted that Ghana is equipped with policies such as the Environmental Protection Agency Act to tackle climate change. He however bemoaned that such laws are not being implemented.

“In terms of policy, I don’t think we are lacking; we have a lot of policies. It’s about implementation. If we are able to implement the policies that have been put in place all these years, there would be no question of how to achieve environmental sustainability.

“Achieving environmental sustainability is not an event, it is a process; and it starts with a policy then implementation, and the people getting involved. I can see that as a country we have come out with a lot of policies, but it is the implementation that I believe we have a challenge with. So if we are able to connect the policy with implementation, the country will do better,” he added.

The lecturer reiterated that environmental sustainability and climate change must be part of daily national discussions.

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