Nana Abena Kunadjoa II Foundation schools girls on teenage pregnancy  


The 2nd edition of Nana Abena Kunadjoa II Foundation’s project on ‘Teenage Pregnancy Prevention’ has taken place at Nsuta in the Tarkwa Nsuaem municipality of Western Region.

Attended by parents, students and teachers, the interactive session centred on the causes of teenage pregnancy, as it effects on the girl-child and indicates a need for effective communication with teenagers – at both home and school.

In her remarks, the Queen Mother of Wassa Fiase Traditional Area, Nana Abena Kunadjoa II, explained that the Foundation was set up as a result of the rise in teenage pregnancy in the municipality. “Recently, there has been a downturn on teenage pregnancy as a result of consistent education by the team and Education Directorate”.

She said the Foundation works to ensure a brighter future for children in the area, and empower women as well as support the less privileged in society.

She pointed out that the Foundation runs a scholarship scheme that is supported by Gold Fields Ghana Foundation and Anglo Gold Ashanti (Iduapriem Mine), and encouraged the students to take their studies seriously in order to benefit from the scholarship.

She said there is a need for parents and guardians to train their children in a responsible way: “Have a conversation with them to learn some of their challenges, and then address them before they confide in friends who do not give them good advice.

“Boys, please do not lure the girls here into sex at this age. Girls, say ‘no’ to early sex; focus on your studies since you have a brighter future ahead. If you become a teenage mother, the boy will continue his education and you will be wallowing in self-pity – especially if you do not get the support of your parents in taking care of the baby,” she advised.

Gifty Efua Nyinaku, a girl-child officer in the municipality, encouraged parents to discuss sex education with their children.

“Monitor the changes or moods of your girl-child; search through their bags, and if you see any stuff not coming from you, advise them accordingly in a friendly way,” she said.

She told the students: “Condom-use is not the answer, as they can burst. The best thing to do at your age is to abstain; save some of your pocket-money to buy sanitary pads and do not rely on boys or men to buy them for you”.

Regarding mothers, she said they should lead by example for their girl-child to follow – and then teach them how to dress decently.

Sanitary pads and exercise books were distributed to all the girls.


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