EVE International, others build capacity of female leaders


EVE International and Araba Africa have held the 2023 EVE career development workshop for mid-level management corporate women in Accra.

Themed ‘Preparing the next generation of female leaders’, the workshop aimed at encouraging more women to take up leadership roles and break the glass-ceiling. Among other things it focused on career progression and offered insights for the aspiring female corporate leaders, with the objective of propelling women into taking proactive actions to realise their maximum potential.

Speakers encouraged participants to build resilience, work hard and make concerted efforts to take up leadership positions, which is crucial to achieving gender equality in all fields.

Presenting on ‘Developing a fulfilling career and career planning’, Managing Director-Acreaty Ghana Limited, Elsie Appau, noted that the next-generation leader must be adaptable, resilient and results-oriented as well as ethical and value-driven.

She also said – given that the future of work is being shaped by various trends and developments which are transforming the nature of jobs, one needs to continually learn and be technologically-minded.

“The rapid pace of technological advancements requires workers to adapt and acquire new skills continuously. Lifelong learning and upskilling are becoming essential for staying relevant in the job market. Soft skills such as critical-thinking, problem-solving, adaptability and emotional intelligence are also gaining importance alongside technical skills,” she said.

She also highlighted that not planning one’s career can have several negative effects on an individual’s professional and personal life, adding that: “Before setting one’s career goals, it is important to analyse one’s interests, skill-set, strengths and weaknesses. Also, developing a career plan is a conscious process of becoming aware of self, available opportunities, and obstacles with different alternatives”.

Ms. Appau emphasised that: “Career development trends provide young female professionals with opportunities to enhance their career growth, improve their job performance and contribute to the economy. By being intentional about their career development, young female professionals can overcome the challenges they face in accessing equal opportunities and fair representation in the workforce”.

Speaking on ‘Preparing the next generation of female leaders’, Secretary to the Bank of Ghana, Sandra Thompson, advised that one should identify their unique strength, be innovative and creative to stand out.

“Advocate for inclusion wherever you find yourself, and offer support to female entrepreneur efforts. On the leadership journey, it is hard to predict; but by preparation one can navigate and succeed. While doing that, let’s be each other’s keepers.

“There is no need to dim another person’s light so yours can shine brighter. Remove biases and do not trivialise others’ efforts.  Also, dress as you want to be addressed,” she added.

Other panellists including Eunice Nyadu of Margins Group; Genevieve Partington of Amnesty International; Venus Tawiah of Available Africa; and marketing consultant Esi Asante Antwi urged participants to learn about themselves, strive to reach high heights beyond their comfort zones. and remain resolute and confident.

Organisers are confident the insights, knowledge and skills acquired from the programme will positively impact participants’ career development and potential within their respective organisations.

The workshop also saw the launch of a book that seeks to address issues related to creating meaningful careers titled ‘Odd Numbers’, by Antoinette Gyan.

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