ASA Savings and Loans ‘La BC’ organises free medical screening


Asa Savings and Loans Limited, La Business Centre (BC), in collaboration with Haven Health Services has held a free medical screening at La Dade Kotopon municipality in the Greater Accra Region.

A total of 188 people comprising women, men and children were screened and tested for Hepatitis B, Malaria, Sugar level, Blood Group among others.

Medications were given to them according to the type of ailment diagnosed.

The Branch Manager, Ms. Natashia Nelson, and Mr. Justice Korsah, Area Manager of the company who organised the screening said: “The screening is done annually across all our branches and business centres”.

“The free medical screening, is part of our corporate social responsibility under health; we also support some institutions such as orphanages and special schools with educational materials and other items,” Ms. Nelson said.

“We are not only concerned about supporting Small and Medium Enterprises to grow and expand but also the people’s health, and for them to know their health status,” Mr. Korsa added.

Dr. Kinsley Quist, head of the medical team at the screening, said the highest occurring disease was blood pressure; and hence advised those tested to exercise regularly, cut down on their intake of salt and alcohol, and take medicines prescribed by a physician.


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