Motoring with Bob Roco ROMEO: Peugeot #CAMOCATCH operation, followers have spoken!


In its latest media operation, Peugeot gave the general public the opportunity to choose the design of the camouflages that will be used by the new Peugeot 3008 during its final development tests on the roads of Europe and soon to it African Regions. The result: an exceptional success on the brand’s social media pages and six camouflage designs voted for!

In May, ten innovative and high-impact camouflage designs from the Peugeot designers were submitted to the public’s vote on the brand’s social media pages. These ten designs disguise the shapes of the new Peugeot 3008 while providing excitement through an inspired and optimistic approach.

There were thousands of contributions from the public on the brand’s various social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et LinkedIn.

Of the ten options from Peugeot designers, the six that received the most votes were the following:

  • Paint from the “Street Art” theme,
  • Menthol from the “Optic Art” theme,
  • Jazzy from the ‘Proto’type’ theme,
  • Neon from the “Street Art” theme,
  • Marrakech for the “Optic Art” theme,
  • Tokyo for the “Proto’type” theme.

The six camouflages selected by the public will be produced in June and will be used to cover the new Peugeot 3008 which will be tested on European roads between 15th July and 15th August.

During this time, we invite all those lucky enough to see one of these camouflaged Peugeot 3008s to take a photo of it (in compliance with safety regulations) and post the image on one of the brand’s social media pages with the words #CAMOCATCH and @Peugeot.

A draw will then be organised by the brand among the entries (one entry per person) to determine 6 winners, who will be invited to come and test drive the car in 2024.

Peugeot has been implementing a strategy of collaborations and partnerships with young designers since the beginning of 2023. This time, the brand has broadened this collaboration to a wider, international audience via social media, in order to promote Peugeot’s design knowhow to a maximum number of people.


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